How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Foods to Avoid


We all have different body parts that include extra pounds.

Having belly fat or a “muffin top” that you can grab and pinch with your fingers is common and completely normal for everybody.

However, it all depends on the type of fat that you have. It only becomes dangerous when you have more fat that can be found within your abdomen.

Having belly fat is usually a result of our lifestyle choices such as the food we eat and the beverages we drink on a daily basis. It could also mean a lack of exercise.

These could result in health complications such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

If you want to lose belly fat and start a healthier lifestyle, here are 5 foods to avoid:

Top 5 Foods to Avoid to Lose Belly Fat

1. Cheese

Have you ever wondered why the French are so physically healthy despite adding cheese to their meals? The answer is simple: they only eat small portions of additive-free cheeses.

Some dairy products like skim milk may supply calcium and protein to your body. However, you might want to stay off-limits to cheese if you’re planning to lose belly fat.

Cheese also contains milk which may contain protein and fiber but will make you feel bloated.

Avoid all types of cheese like melted or processed, since they are all thick in saturated fat and calories. So, think twice the next time you’re craving a cheeseburger.

2. Soda

Soda provokes your appetite and eventually enlarges your stomach.

This drink serves unnecessary calories in abdominal fat because it is sweetened with high-fructose corn and artificial sugars.

If the excess and leftover sugar are not burned through exercise or any physical activity, it will convert into stomach fat.

Diet soda may seem like an alternative to consuming fewer calories, the artificial sweet taste will trigger your tastebuds to drink more.

As a result, your body will produce higher blood sugar and insulin. So, if you’re really serious about losing belly fat and achieving a smaller waistline, say goodbye to soda and sugary drinks.

3. Processed meat

Processed foods may seem convenient to eat, but they’re actually one of the foods to avoid when losing belly fat.

Meat may help you maintain new muscle cell production and your energy levels, thanks to its heavy supply of protein. On the flip side, consuming processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, and sausages isn’t healthy.

This type of meat contains high saturated fat, salt, and cholesterol, which will increase the fat storage in your belly.

Eating too much processed meat can also lead to life-threatening illnesses like heart disease or colorectal cancer.

If you’re looking for other options to fulfill your appetite, you can try lean meats like fish and grilled chicken instead of ordering pepperoni pizza on a Friday night.

4. Alcohol

Happy hours may seem fun, but it actually does you more harm than good by giving you a “beer belly”.

Alcohol is another beverage you must avoid because it is a highly caloric drink, containing seven calories per gram.

Just like soda, it stimulates your appetite and suppresses fat burning, leaving you feeling bloated. Basically, alcoholic drinks decrease your metabolism.

Some alcoholic drinks may include wine, but they still contain more calories which makes you gain weight.

Whether you drink beer or Mojitos or Cosmopolitans, it’s best to cut back on alcohol. Otherwise, drink moderately.

5. Low-fat or Fat-free dressing

A Mediterranean diet or eating salads can do miracles for your body and mind. However, the fat-free or low-fat dressing used in your salad is actually unhealthy.

Salad dressings can enlarge your belly fat since it includes high-fructose syrup and other preservatives. They also contain refined or heated modified oils.

Instead of ordering salads, why not make your own homemade salad with your chosen vegetables and ingredients? Mix it with red wine vinegar or olive oil with lemon as an alternative for dressings

Considering Fat Burners

Aside from going on a healthy diet, using a fat burner is also another great way to eliminate belly fat.

Fat burners are supplements that will help you burn all excess fat and have a faster metabolism.

So, if you’re serious about losing weight and starting a healthier lifestyle, now is the best time to take a fat burner!

However, relying on fat burners alone will not instantly burn all your belly fat. So it’s best to undergo exercise and continue avoiding sugary foods and beverages.

Once you find the right fat burner, you can now enjoy faster and better results on your journey to losing weight.

Pros and Cons

Before beginning your search for the perfect fat burner, here are a few pros and cons to take note of:


  • Supports weight loss
  • Restrains your appetite
  • Boosts your energy


  • Affects your sleeping pattern
  • Affects your behavior and mood
  • Causes stomach issues
  • Less effective

When should you take a fat burner?

The best time to take a fat burner is 30 minutes after eating a healthy breakfast. Your metabolism is at its lowest level during the morning and slows down during your sleep.

Just like medications, fat burners should be taken with a full stomach to avoid serious health issues in the future.

Fat burners are also best taken before exercising. This will increase your energy and relish your workout sessions even more.

It’s also best to avoid taking them later in the day or after 6 pm because it will affect your sleep schedule in the evening.

Fat burners include stimulants like in coffee, which will make you feel more active and motivated to accomplish tasks.

So, How Can You Keep Yourself Lean and Fit?

Having belly fat is completely normal and common. However, it only becomes dangerous when there is more fat found in the abdominal cavity.

This could lead to serious health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol

To burn belly fat, it’s important to start by having a well-balanced diet. Avoid foods and beverages that are sugary, processed, and contain dairy. Aside from eating healthy, consider taking a fat burner and becoming physically active.

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