Body Wraps for Fat Loss


When it comes to weight loss, people have tried different ways to go about it. Lately, body wraps and slimming belts are one of the more popular products claiming to help you trim inches off the waist, hips, tight and tone up your loose skin. But, do they really work?

Body wraps claim to help you lose inches and drop weight and these facilities are available in many slimming centers, salons, and spas. The body wrap treatment, uses warm towels, thermal blankets, or plastic with or without the application of tropical heat cream, special lotions, or cream applied to the skin. The wraps may be applied to parts of the body or the entire body.

Types of body wraps:

  • Heat wraps
  • Slimming wraps using topical herbal products
  • Infracted body wraps
  • Detoxing wraps

Do they help in weight loss?

Just link any other trend, these body wraps are no different. Wrapping your body in these sorts of body wraps can cause localized tightening, temporary change in weight or inches but that is a result of temporary water loss as a result of perspiration or compression.

The results will be temporary (maybe a day) and there is certainly no fat loss in this way. There is no evidence that body wrap will help you lose fat. The only proven way is through diet and exercise.

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