5 ways Desi Girls Reuses Their Beauty Empties


Desi girls are really attached to their personal belongings, especially beauty products. It is really hard for them to say goodbye to such products even after getting maximum use out of them. So, here are five beauty empties that many desi girls love re-purposing and reusing.

Use lip balm containers to store small clips

Lip balm containers are perfect for storing bobby pins, which seem to disappear the moment after you buy them. But once you start storing them in lip balm containers, believe me, you will never lose them.

Use old body butter or lotion tubs to store jewelry or small Knick Knack items

After spending a hefty amount in buying body butter tubs, who would want to spend money on a jewelry box? Girls love decorating old body butter or lotions tubs with some laces and rhinestones and Vola!! They have a gorgeous jewelry box.

Use old foundation bottles to carry products in small quantities while traveling

Foundation bottles have an airless vacuum pump, making them easy to transfer products into and out of. The one-ounce size is perfect during long trips, especially for products you use frequently like face wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions.

Use clean liquid eyeliner brush as nail art pen

Eyeliner brushes are tiny which makes them great brushes for nail arts. The slim tip can be used to design any art on the nails.

Use old perfume bottles as a vase or planter

Girls tend to accumulate empty perfume bottles simply because they are way too pricey to part with! So why throw them away? Repurpose these old perfume bottles into vases and it becomes an elegant piece of home décor.

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