Easy-to-Follow facial care Tips for Men


You must have heard this phrase, if you look good, you feel good. Everything we do is built around this phrase. While etiquette, clothing, and accessories play a key role in developing confidence and personal style, grooming is just as important.

Men love to talk about fitness and eating right when it comes to staying healthy. However, they neglect to take care of their skin. Men usually don’t talk about skincare routine or skincare products because they don’t possess the tools or knowledge necessary to achieve it. So, it’s time to go beyond the beard.

Here are easy-to-follow facial care tips for men:

Cleanser, Moisturiser, and Sunscreen is a must

Cleansing and moisturizing are very important for men. Unlike women, they are more exposed to pollution, cigarette smoke and tend to oiler skin and thicker skin. To prevent their skin from getting damaged they need to use a good facial cleanser and moisturizer to skin and hydrate skin.

Men should apply sunscreen all the time to protect the skin color and texture. They should use SPF 30 and should apply it 15 minutes before heading out, so it gets absorbed better.

Exfoliate Daily

Exfoliation is a great scrub to remove dead skin. Not scrubbing can build up dirt, which will eventually break your skin. Men should exfoliate their skin at least once a week to eliminate dead skin and dullness.

Use Lip Balm

Men’s lips tend to get more chapped and tanner than women’s. They should use good lip balm to cure all these problems. Men should always hydrate their lips for a soft and supple effect.

Wash Your Beard

Men must follow a basic hygiene measure when it comes to a beard. They should wash their beard with a face wash or shampoo. They can also apply fragrance or oil after the wash.

So, to the guys who claim that they just don’t have enough time to develop and maintain a skincare routine, that’s not true. If they want, they can get it done quickly without any complexity. We all are living longer lives so we all should look our best at every age whether women or men.

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