Cheap and Simple Skin Care Routine for Dry Weather


Where in most parts of the world fall means, autumnal décor, pumpkin spiced lattes, Halloween, over sized sweaters and pictures with orange leaves, fall in Pakistan is like summers ugly sister. This conflicted weather with sweltering dry heat in the day that literally makes skin fee like paper and windy humid nights that has us feeling sticky, really takes a toll on our skin more than anything.

But since I’m a Karachi girl, through and through I think I have my weathers figured out as well as what works on the skin and keeps that youthful glow from dulling down too soon. It is also a challenge to not burn a hole in my pocket whilst on this mission and keep it budget friendly. Although my personal belief is that there should be no short cuts to skincare this is one area I don’t mind splurging in. That however doesn’t mean that budget friendly items are any less effective.

Given below are some tried and tested cheap products and ways that will really help your skin out and require minimum effort for an effective skin care routine.

Get 2 Different Face Wash

face wash for clean skin

This will really help keep your natural facial oils in balance. During the day when it’s dry, try a more gentle cleanser just enough to make you feel clean but not strip you of your natural oils. Natural oils help create an insulating layer on the face that prevents excessive loss of moisture from the skin. For your night routine, look for a more intense deep cleaning face wash. You really want to get the dirt and dust out of your pores before bed. This will also help clear away all the accumulated oil and give you fresh skin.

Rose Water Hydration

rose water for skin hydration

I can absolutely swear by this. Adding rose water to my daily skincare routine had made my skin so healthy, clear and glowing. Add rose water to small spray bottle you can carry around and every time you think your skin feels dry just spritz it all over your face. It will immediately make you feel fresh, awake and rejuvenated. Use this as many times as you want in day, be it over makeup or with your moisturize. This product will not disappoint.

Make Use of Petroleum Jelly

petroleum jelly for skin moisturizing

We a have a giant tub of petroleum jelly lying around the house somewhere. Don’t underestimate its importance. Every night before bed, after you’ve deep cleansed your face and dowsed it in rose water, take a generous scoop of the petroleum jelly and apply to your entire face as far down as your neck. Apply it to your heels, elbows, knees and any other area you feel dries out quickly. Rub some over your lashes and massage into your lips. This will prevent your skin from drying out over night and lock in that moisture.

Here are some more alternatives to petroleum jelly to moisturize your skin.

Scrub Away those Flaky Bits

coffee scrub for scrubbing

You can very easily make an exfoliant at home using a tablespoon of honey and some instant coffee granules or buy one at any department store. Use it 2 to 3 times a week to get rid of dead skin that may cling to your face giving you an overall dull look.

Drink Plenty of Water

drink-water-for-healthy skin or dry weather

Last but not least by any account. It’s pretty simple actually. The more water you take into your body the more your body will be hydrated. It’s like watering a plant. So, make a conscious effort to increase your daily water intake and you’ll see a noticeable difference in yourself.

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