How to Spend Quality Family Time – A Few Ideas


We all know how busy life can be, and how hard it can be to make time for family activities. Nevertheless, it is important to take some time off from your routine for your family. Here is a list of some fun activities that you can do to bond with your family!

family time

1.      Take a Trip

It doesn’t have to be someplace far and expensive, you could just take your family out for a long drive or a farmhouse for the weekend. It will be a change of scenery, and you wouldn’t have any of the city distractions. Some good music and snacks can be just the thing to have fun and catch up on each other’s lives.

2.      Do House Chores Together

In our society, there is a wide misconception that all the house chores have to be done by the woman of the household. This is a very outdated idea and burdensome idea. The husband and kids can also chip in, and use this time around the house to connect with each other. Remember happy family, happy life!

3.      Plan a Cooking Weekend

Since weekends are usually the time when most of the family is free, you can use this time to make at least one meal together. Some families these days are so busy, they hardly have time to eat at the same time. So even if cooking is not your best department, you should make sure to have a nice family dinner every weekend!

4.      Watch a Family Movie

These days cinemas are a great way to relax and catch a good movie with some popcorn. There are some pretty good movies or comedies that you can watch with your family and catch dinner later on. It gives you something interesting to talk about and if the idea catches on, this could become a monthly tradition!

5.      Go To the Beach

Karachi faces some pretty intense heat in the summers, which is the perfect time to plan a beach trip with your family and friends. If you’re not comfortable going to a public beach, try other beautiful beaches like Sonmiani, French beach and Gwadar. They are relatively secluded.  You can also find numerous water sport activities down there which is an added bonus. Don’t forget the sunblock.

6.      Help Kids with Their Homework

This is perhaps the best way to show your kids that you care. They especially crave your attention when they are young, and time is the best gift you can give them. Take part in their school projects and lend a hand in their homework. This keeps you updated about your child’s academic life as well!

Try out some of these new ideas and go have some quality family time!

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