How Your Social Media Posts Represent Your Relationship


Be it Facebook newsfeed or Instagram feed, Twitter updates or Snapchat stories; all are full to the brim with lovey-dovey couples showing off their latest adventure. Fake people alert!

Studies and research show that all that glitters is definitely not gold and same is the case for most of the oh-so-in-love posts you see on social media

“Rachel Sussman, a psychotherapist and relationship expert situated in New York City claims that too much revelation of romance through social media posts is a clear sign of some kind of complication.”

Only when people are vulnerable or wishing for something that doesn’t really exist they are more likely to exaggerate a situation, particularly a romantic relationship.

This of course, does not represent the occasional love filled note to your significant other or an anniversary/birthday wish. But if there is too much public display of affection, there is something more going on. Here is what social media posts may represent of a relationship if someone’s is too openly romantic online.

You Want Others to be Jealous

How Your Social Media Posts Represent Your Relationship1

Is it possible that by constantly putting up social media posts about how well your love life is going, you are trying to make someone in particular jealous? Could it be an old flame that you are still lusting after? Or is it your significant other’s ex you are trying to arouse jealousy in? Could it simply be that you want your friend and acquaintances to be envious of what a great life you have?

“All of these things are indicative of a negative mindset, where you may actually not be over your own feelings of hurt, insecurity or jealousy.”

Think over your underlying dilemmas.

You are Dependent on Others for Your Happiness

How Your Social Media Posts Represent Your Relationship2

If you are intently waiting for the Facebook likes or comments of praise from the people you know, then you are sadly among those whose happiness is dependent on what others think of them.

“This is a clear indication of how even you are not sure of your happiness. You base your self-worth on what people think of you.”

What’s more, this could also mean that you judge your self-worth against how happy your partner tries to make you. If they are not trying to do something for you, you feel you are simply not worthy enough. Keep in mind this theory also points out that you don’t care much about the relationship but rather about how important or self-satisfied it makes you feel.

You Real Relationship is Suffering

How Your Social Media Posts Represent Your Relationship6

This is another possibility when there is too much display of affection at public platforms that you simply are not in the kind of relationship you hoped or wished for.

“If this is the case, then you need to pay more attention at how you can save your relationship rather than trying to display a dystopia that does not exist.”

Do you think any one of these things define you? Tell us in the comments below.

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