How to Make Your Husband Happy – 5 Simple Tips


Going through a rough patch in your marriage? Your husband and you not very happy with each other? There is something you need to remain clear about – marriage is all about making sure that the other is happy. When the husband and wife keep the happiness and satisfaction of their spouse on their priority list, it results in a joyful bond.

The thing is, when you are considerate about the feelings and thoughts of your hubby, he is bound to pour back the love right at you. Not sure how you can go about mending your most precious relationship? Here are 5 tips that will go a long way in bringing about a dramatically positive outcome that will leave you with bliss.

1.    Respect and Show It!

Respect is pretty much everything, especially when it comes to Pakistani men. So respect your guy, his family and be sure to show it. Even if there are times when you don’t feel very respectful, put a lid on it and remain humble.

Respect is something that is not an acquired habit. It is something that needs to come first at all times. The more you respect his wishes, his ideas, his feelings, the more likely he will return them. Don’t give up your individuality, but respect his as well. Respect attracts respect. So give and it will come back to you.

2.    The Route of the Tummy Leads to Love


The sad matter of affairs is that your man will have food first at the time of hunger. Don’t get upset about this, it is a pretty natural (manly) inclination. If you aren’t already an expert, learn to cook some good food. Ask what the hubby likes and cook it. He will be highly appreciative of your efforts.

3.    Your Appearance Matters

Whether you’ve been married 10 months or 10 years, the way you look (and smell) will always make a difference to your husband. Do not take this as something trivial and unnecessary, it matters. Pay attention to your clothes, your hair, and your face. Get facials and manicure/pedicure as well as routine hair treatments. Don’t have time or the affordability? Do it at home yourself.

Invest in some good clothes and makeup. Make sure it is something that your hubby likes on you. And get ready before he comes back from work. Even if you’re tired, washing your face, putting on the lipstick and spraying a lovely scent will not only get you noticed but also get a surprised and pleasurable smile from your significant other.

4.    Rekindle the Flame


Romance dies down with time. It is up to you (and the husband) to bring it back and keep the flame alive. Don’t expect him to be the one who does this, you can lead by example. Celebrate small days like birthdays, anniversaries, and sometimes random days too. Buy small gifts and plan surprises from time to time. Not only will your hubby love them, he will make sure he returns the gesture for you.

5.    Keep Communication Lines Open

This is a must! No matter how many fights, disagreements or arguments you may have, keeping communication lines open at all times is necessary. If you or your husband are the silent kind, make sure this silence does not settle between the two of you. If you get in the habit of keeping bad vibes inside, they will rot your relationship from the inside. So talk about it. Let everything come out and then make peace.

Remember, your husband is your better half and you can make him happy with little things. Try these 5 tips and you will see a difference within no time. Happy marriage!

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