A Healthy Mind = A Healthy Relationship


For some reason this is just not how a Pakistani mindset works. A guy seems to be getting out of hands, marry him off. A girl wants to become more independent, marry her off. S/he dare to go against parents’ wishes, marry them off!

Here, people tend to believe, “Shaadi kar do, bilkul sahi hojae ga/gi”. Sadly marriage tends to result in more problems. What needs to be understood, is that mental problems or depression like conditions need treatment, not marriage. Only a healthy mind can give way to a healthy relationship.

Marriage is not only about the wedding festivities, fun, dances, and food. It is about two people committing to living their whole lives together, making a cocoon where they are safe, peaceful and happy. It demands that both partners be of completely sound mind and bring many positive things into the relationship. If one person is going through depression, marriage may probably end up in making things worse.

What are the things that a healthy mind leads to? Why does it matter that you need to have a healthy mind in order to have strong, healthy relationships? Here are some answers for you.

Peace ‘Within’ for Peace ‘Outwards’

Until and unless you are peaceful from the inside, outward peace is unachievable. This applies to all relationships you have in life. If from the inside you are depressed or gloomy, then everything about you will seem just as bad. You will not be able to maintain any kind of happy or positive emotion and this will give way to a constant struggle with your loved ones. You won’t be able to give your all to them and they won’t be able to help you come out of this stressed out phase.

Communication is Impossible

Consider this – when you are upset, depressed or stressed out, putting that in words is not only difficult it becomes a burden. You are not able to let anyone else in and communication dies down. Now imagine a relationship where there is no communication. What will happen? It will wither away. Why? Because you neither express what you feel nor do you allow your partner to tell you about what they are thinking or feeling.

Breakdown of communication can breed unhealthy relationships. Hence a person who cannot communicate, simply cannot have relationships that are based on love and strength.

Lack of Trust

Sound mind is one that believes in itself and has faith in others too. An unhealthy mind continues to doubt. Doubt is perhaps one of the worst things that can come up in relationships as it causes destruction from the root. A healthy mind works at developing trust and mutual understating. This is something that someone with emotional or mental problems cannot achieve.

The Conclusion

Pakistani nation needs to come out of the illusion that “marriage” is the one cure for everything. Help your loved one or seek help from your loved ones, if you are suffering from some mental issues. If need be, get in touch with professionals. Only a healthy mind can build healthy relationships.

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