How Couple Fighting Can Help You Bond

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Do you know couple fighting can be healthy? Yes. A healthy couple fight is different from a nasty conflict. You can’t avoid the difference of opinions even if you have been in a relationship for years. In fact, the way couples argue can say a lot about the bond they share. It can gauge how far the relationship could go.

Keeping our society in mind, ‘compromise’ has been a popular word with women. That’s one of the major reasons why some relationships work. However, it’s quite easy to see the differences if the two people are happily accepting each other’s point of views or just tolerating each other’s existence.

The following are five types of couple fights that indicate a strong bond and healthy relationship irrespective of different personalities.

1.  Your Financial Priorities Are Different

You two might never settle on the same idea when it comes to financial planning. You may prefer taking a vacation with the savings while your spouse may be looking for investing options. For the woman of the house, a few upgrades around the house isn’t a big deal while the man may be interested in Bitcoin investment. You may prefer opting for cheaper accommodation during a trip while your partner may be interested in booking a luxurious resort.

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It’s totally normal to have different ideas related to money. The key is to discuss the ideas and give importance to other person’s opinion. Regardless of the differences, sharing the need and listening to other person’s perspective is healthy.

2.  You Do Things Differently

You may always have a problem with how he manages things – from making the bed to placing the dishes in the sink and everything else.

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On the other hand, he may not like you nagging about these small things all the time. But you cannot stop yourself from telling him to do things in a different way. In the end, you either do everything by yourself or just accept the way it has been done. In short, those little nagging episodes come to an end, and you both start living in harmony without a problem.

3.  You Have Problem with Each Other’s Social Schedules

Most couples can’t really decide on how much time they could let their partner spend with their respective social circles. The discrepancy here can lead to a little action. If you are fighting over this matter, the ‘jealousy’ factor is quite clear.

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You definitely want to spend more time together, and the moment one of the partners realizes that it becomes all cool and lovey-dovey.

4.  It’s All About the Food

In our culture, food plays a major role in cooking the right relationship. ‘Stomach is the right way to a man’s heart’ is quite a popular saying. And it cannot be truer. Men are usually very selective about their flavors and how their plate should appear. A little mismatch there and it could really piss them off on the dining table.

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The best part is when they know how to cool down after a brief boiling period.

5.  You Have Different Approach towards ‘Cleanliness’

Naturally, women are more finicky in this department. And it’s also very natural for partners to have two completely different ideas of what ‘clean’ really means.

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The ideal way to handle such matters is to help the other person really understand it. There’s no point in blaming or shaming your spouse. It would only make things worse.

Final Word

At the end of the day, what matters is how two individuals deal with a situation without forgetting they are a ‘team’ and not rivals!

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