Annoying Relationship Questions and How to Answer Them

Tired of people poking nose in your personal relationships? Here’s how to tackle these questions!


Whether you are single or committed, there is no way for you to shield yourself against the difficult relationship questions people love to ask. One moment you are having a great conversation with a friend or even minding your own business peacefully and the next thing you know comes the questions that make your nightmares seem more comfortable.

Are you single? Do you and (insert some random person’s name) dating? And the list goes on.

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What is even more annoying than these relationship questions is that sometimes they come from people who you barely talk to. Well who wouldn’t be annoyed if a random acquaintance starts interrogating about your love life!

If you’ve been the center of several awkward questions, it is time you brace yourself for such questions. Desi aunties and your nosy cousins are never going to give up so why not just be prepared. After all two can play at this game, right?

Here are the most commonly asked relationship questions and how to answer them sensibly!

1. Are you Single?

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So you have a few friends of opposite gender and your friends want to know where you stand. This question is their best shot to find that out. This is your chance to cut further awkward situations by answering in positive. They won’t ask you awkward relationship questions about your friends. However, be prepared for their setting you up with other options.

2. How About Him?

If your answer to the first question is that you are indeed single, they will start pairing you up with random people. The best way to tackle this situation is to laugh lightly and point out you will not be compatible with their suggested person. In some cases, this technique backfires and they start taking other names at random. If that happens, you can tell them you are not ready yet.

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What is an even better strategy is to use humor and change topic. If done effectively, this will discourage the investigators permanently.

3. Have Your Parents Started Looking For A Rishta?

You could be a 16 years old school girl or a 23 years old boy planning his career, and you will still get this question. Have your parents started looking for a rishta? However, if by any chance you have even slightly exceeded the marriageable age set by the society, the only topic everyone will discuss with you is of shaadi. It does not matter to them if you have a successful career or are struggling to settle down. Apparently, the one and only thing our society really wants is to see us all happily married.

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Dealing with this one requires tact. You will have to direct the discussion towards them. If you want to do it politely, you can ask them about any of their recent activities. However, if they have really gotten on your nerves and you are feeling mean, you can introduce the skeletons in their cupboards to them. Ask them about their son’s exam’s result that you know he has flunked. This will serve them right.

However, be prepared to hear sentences like ‘that girl/guy is too good for their own good’ about you.

Fun Fact: Even if you decide to tie the knot, they will not stop pestering you. You know there will be other follow up questions like ‘So when is the baby coming?’ or ‘How many children are you planning to have.

The bottom line is your friends, family, and acquaintance will never stop asking you awkward relationship questions. Tackle them using our tips and you will be good to go.