5 Harmful Habits That Destroy Marriage


A strong bond as marriage can get easily tarnished if the right amount of care, love and consideration is not showered on it. You will be surprised by how little things, that may seem insignificant, can actually lead to something as drastic as a divorce.

Getting married does not mean that the responsibility of taking care of your partner ends. It actually marks the beginning of trust, support and endless love no matter how much you find the other person unbearable. Most people start taking their spouses for granted, which results in ugly fights and could give way to a breakup. Here are 5 harmful habits that may be eating your marriage from the inside.

1.    Lack of Trust

There is nothing more important than trusting your partner completely.

You need to have faith in them and believe that they will do whatever is best for the family. If your spouse constantly challenges your decisions or has doubts in your capabilities, then the chances of the marriage working out are little.

One more thing you need to have as a spouse is confidence in their faithfulness. Demanding to know every move of your partner will lead to you feeling trapped. That, consequently will make you feel like the love has fled.

2.    Letting the Intimacy Dwindle

This perhaps is one of the major fallacies of marriage in Pakistan.


Once the children come into the picture, intimacy goes straight out. Just remembering the honeymoon period of your early days and shedding tears in nostalgia is neither the solution nor enough. You need to keep the spark alive. Bring romance back in your life! Share not just your time and discussions with your better half, but all of you with them. Spend some alone time with each other by sending the kids to their grandparent’s house. It will be a mini vacation for both you and the children!

Light some candles, play some romantic songs and have a delicious candle lit dinner. Let matters move forward from there. You will see that this helps in bringing you close to your loved one.

3.    Others First, Spouse Later

Another huge mistake. Your partner is and should be the center of your life.

If you insult, demean or ridicule them in front of others, you can’t really expect the marriage to remain happy. Likewise, your cell phone laptop or big screen TV is not the one you swore your life to, it is your wife/husband. So pay attention to them! Manage your time in such a way that s/he does not feel neglected!

4.    Comparison

Comparing your husband or wife to someone else’s is only, REPEAT, only going to damage your relationship.

Please stop this today! Your spouse certainly needs to be told time and again how they are better than others for you.

5.    Critique that Hurts

Positive criticism is important, but the selection of words matters in this regard.

With the wrong words, you use can pretty much destroy a person’s whole week. Be careful about how you word out and tone your criticism. Make it sound like it’s meant to help your partner improve, not to make them feel worse about themselves. One more thing. Never ever criticize your husband/wife in public. This only adds insult to injury. Do it when the two of you are alone and discuss the critique instead of making it sound like a punishment.

Take care of your spouse and let them know they are and will always be your number one.

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