Vegetable Juices to Energize Your Day

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If you feel trapped in an inescapable vicious cycle of stress and fatigue, let the veggies come to your rescue. If your child detests the greenies, try to mix and match different combinations to create the ultimate vegetable juice for energy. With our energizing vegetable juice recipes, try to brighten up your day and cut back on caffeine.

Some of these juices are great for energy, so if you’re feeling those muscles ache make sure to quickly juice it up with these easy to make vegetable juice recipes!

1. The Early Bird Juice

The Early Bird Juice- Vegetable-juices-recipes

Mix 1 tomato, 2 carrots, ½ lemon. Throw in 1 apple and orange to add a fruity tint of flavor to your juice.

2. Good Morning Juice


Mix 8 carrots, throwing in ½ lemons and 1 orange for a fruity tint. Enjoy the taste of the rich carrots in your juice for energy!

3. Beet, Apple & Mint Juice


Beets are the juiciest veggies out there, containing a high amount of betalains – a compound that combats inflammation and helps in detox.

Simply mix red beet with apple, adding a pinch of mint for that crispy, delicious taste to juice up your mornings.

4. Green Juice


Green vegetable juices are an acquired taste, so don’t be too adventurous and try this recipe as your first juicing recipe.

For regular juicers, mix broccoli, cucumber, celery and parsley for a rich, revitalizing morning drink!

The Vitamin C Juice


This recipe is rich in vitamin C, boosting your body’s immune functions.

Simply mix carrots, grapefruit and ginger for a smooth drink that’s bound to make your mornings or mid-days fresh and energizing.

5. The Traditional Vegetable Juice Recipe


If you’re a regular juicer, try the ‘traditional’ vegetable juice mix comprising only of vegetables. You can use carrots, green vegetables or any other veggies that you think are the tastiest and mix them for a smooth, invigorating blend.

6. Garden Greens Recipe

Green vegetable juices recipes

Add a sweetener to your green vegetable juice, combine it with a fruit juice and throw in a bit of gingerroot for a sharp tasting energizing juice!

7. The Weight Loss Special Recipe

weight loss vegetable juices recipes

Combine Popeye’s favorite spinach with cucumber and celery to make a drink to assist your weight loss endeavors.

A Word of Caution

Even though vegetable juices are rich in minerals and have numerous benefits, they might have adverse effects on people with different health conditions. People with kidney stones or other kidney issues should avoid vegetable juices that are high in oxalic acid, such as red beets, spinach etc.

Some vegetable juices may not be such a wise idea for pregnant and nursing mothers. Lastly, green juices may not be a smart idea for people who are just starting out juicing, as mentioned previously. So, make sure not to overdo your juicing and consult a nutritionist or doctor before trying out any of these recipes if you have specific health conditions.

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