Try this effective diet plan to lose weight


When you plan to lose weight, you can easily find hundreds, or even thousands of diet plans along with each and every detail. Sometimes, we manage to shed some kilos from our bodies but reaching our desired weight seems quite impossible.

Why does this happen? Why is losing weight so difficult? Why, even after skipping food or zipping your mouth for days and days, we can’t be the size we want to be?

It’s because we often miss out something very basic, and very important, for our daily regimen. And that is a well-balanced diet plan, customized to your specifics.

Before I share my diet plan with you, I want to clear that dieting or losing weight is not a torture or some practice that we follow for certain days. In order to be in a shape, you need to change your lifestyle – from junk-galloping to healthy one.

You need to be active in your life as well as think before eating anything. Water, that we claim to drink a lot but actually we don’t drink the required amount, intake should be increased and trust me you will see the changes in your skin too.

In order to lose weight, always remember what our Prophet (pbuh) said – that breakfast should be grand, lunch should be proper and dinner should be poor. Instead of taking three big meals, take six small meals.

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Exercise
Monday Loki water
Two boil eggs+ tea
Fruits Chickpea chat Cucumber salad + green tea Chicken Tikka 40mins walk
Tuesday Loki water
Medium boil potato+ tea
Nuts Lettuce chicken wraps Tomato salad + green tea Vegetable soup 40mins walk
Wednesday Loki water
Vegetable loaded egg+ tea
Fruit Vegetable loaded lentils gravy Cucumber salad + green tea Chicken loaded salad 40mins walk
Thursday Loki waterOne boil egg+ banana smoothie Smoothie Loki kabab with cucumber salad Fruits + green tea Cabbage wraps 40mins walk
Friday Loki wateroatmeal+ tea Nuts Red beans chat Cucumber salad + green tea Chicken soup 40mins walk
Saturday Loki waterOne bran break + egg+ tea Fruit Oat haleem Cucumber Salad+ green tea Chicken boti 40mins walk
Sunday Loki water
Spinach loaded egg + tea
Juice/Smoothie Red bean and black chickpea chat Salad + green tea Steamed Fish 40mins walk

In snacks, you can bring variety. The rule of healthy life style is never take carbohydrates in dinner. Eat light in dinner and make sure you do some physical workout during the day. Increase the intake of fibers. When I say you can eat fruits, it doesn’t mean you can eat tons and tons of fruits. Portion control is the key to weight loss.

Eat everything but in a controlled portion. Detox water can’t do a miracle but it can help you lose weight. If you can’t religiously follow this plan, whatever you eat it shouldn’t be oily. In a non-stick pan, you can even make everything without oil. Processed food is strictly prohibited – eat fresh and healthy. You can have a glass of milk in the morning. And low fat yogurt can be eaten for snacks as well.

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