Diet plans for maintaining your physique


To have the perfect body shape is every individuals dream. Whether one wants to lose weight to impress his/her friends or one just wants to lose weight for the sake of satisfaction, the main motto is to ‘be in a perfect shape’.

It’s true that by some hard work, you can attain your desired shape but the problem comes when you have to maintain that shape. So how to you remain in your favorite shape?

I believe that weight lose shouldn’t thought of as torture or a military boot-camp; it should be second nature to you to take care of your body, and for that, you need to make some lifestyle changes. In order to either lose weight or maintain weight, you need to keep in mind five basic rules:

1) You need to stick to healthy food; no proceed food is allowed. Natural things should be your focus.

2) Your breakfast should be king-sized, your lunch should be moderate and your dinner should be poor.

3) Instead of having traditional three big meals, you should have six small meals.

4) No carbohydrates in your supper; supper should be light.

5) Portion control is the key to success.


Maintaining weight is more difficult because, once we reach our desired shape, we think we can now eat everything like we used to. I don’t ask you to stop eating; all I say is stop eating everything – eat natural and eat healthy. We hardly change our menu, we follow particular diet plans and at one point in time we realize that we are either stuck or constipated. Make sure you eat variety. Never eat the same things more than a week; we have multitudes of things around to eat, so try new things.

In the morning, you can have egg but in different forms; pizza-style, vegetable-loaded, half-fried, boiled, scrambled egg and what not. Along with eggs twice in a week, you can have whole wheat roti. I don’t recommend brown bread. You can have one glass smoothie as well.

For snacks, fruits, nuts and juices are recommended. In a day, you should have three snacks. Your day should be something like: breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner-snack. The last snack is optional, if you are hungry after dinner, you can have handful of nuts.

Even though fruits are healthy, anything eaten in excess is harmful, so make sure you portion it.

For lunch, you can have vegetable-loaded pulses, variety of kebabs, spinach, whole wheat pasta, white chana (chickpea) chat, haleem, red beans, potatoes, chicken and many other things. Make sure everything is cooked in very little oil. If you had roti in your breakfast, avoid whole wheat pasta in your lunch. Think before you eat.

For dinner, you can have chicken tikka, cabbage wraps, soups, vegetables, kebabs, and pulses. After dinner, make sure you workout for 30 minutes minimum every day.

Trust me, dieting doesn’t mean torture, it’s just a healthy lifestyle with hoards of benefits. Accept this lifestyle and you’ll see a drastic change in your health and routine.

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