This Eid, make your digestive system your priority


Is it just me or is the smell of biryani everywhere? Well, this might be very much possible, because Eid has been in throttle over the past few days and almost every household is filled with gastronomic delights.

Whichever neighborhood you cross, you are welcomed with aromas that make up a foodie’s favorite dream and stopping oneself from eating everything at once can be an almost impossible task. But that task needs to be employed – because while the taste of the food will make you happy temporarily, the problems this entails would stick with you for a long time.

Say no to oily food

As much as you would be tempted to indulge in the qourmas and karhais at your house, it would be wise to stay away from such foods for some time. Foods with increased levels of fat and sugar usually cause issues related to digestion. Since these items take a long time to digest, they can cause stomach-related illnesses. Hence it is suggested that you begin with lighter foods and then move on to these heavy delicacies.

Portion your meals

Yes, Eid often makes us excited to eat a lot of food all-together. This, obviously, does not fare well for your tummy. Eating oily foods or meals loaded with fats can create stomach-related problems. Having smaller portions makes the food easier to digest.

Healthy food is the way to go

During this time, we see meat – meat, everywhere; which means that all your plans to start your vegetarian diet would go down the drain, at least for the first few days after Ramadan. So how do you eat all of this meat without falling ill? Here are a few tips: select leaner cuts and remove fat properly before cooking. Make sure that the meat is fresh and the portion that you take is not very large. In case of sugary delights, avoid high amounts of condensed milk and be cautious with your use of sugar.

Check your cooking techniques

Everything does not have to be swimming in gallons of oil on Eid for us to eat. In place of frying, items can be baked, roasted, grilled or barbecued. Try these techniques before taking out the cooking oil reserves and making the United States envious of your plate of kebabs.

Eid is a time of festivities and foodie delights. But understand this that it is only when you are healthy that you can enjoy these foods properly. So health comes first – keep that in mind before you are about to attack that oily food.

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