Pregnancy Nutrition: 5 Fruits that should be avoided during Pregnancy


Sounds surprising? Fruits are meant to be the safest foods on earth, right? Just not when it comes to pregnancy. This is the time when you need to be most careful about what you put in your mouth. Remember, your health is not the only issue here; your baby is absorbing everything that you eat. So you have to be very cautious about your pregnancy nutrition.

There may be no concrete research that justifies the truthfulness of this theory, but many women swear that pineapples can bring on contractions and start labor, while papaya could even lead to miscarriage. Therefore, instead of risking your pregnancy, it’s best to be conscious about your pregnancy nutrition and avoid the following 5 fruits:

1.    Grapes

The major reason why grapes are highly advised to be avoided during pregnancy is that they are can be toxic. Grapes contain resveratrol, a toxic compound that can be harmful for women who have imbalanced hormones. Grapes can lead to resveratrol poisoning and can be harmful for the development of your baby. Resveratrol is usually found in grapes with red and black skin. This is why grapes are not ideal pregnancy nutrition.

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2.    Pineapple

Pineapple is said to induce labor and softens the cervix. Hence the reason that pregnant ladies, particularly in their early stages of pregnancy, should avoid its usage as it can lead to preterm labor or even cause a miscarriage. It is also known as a hot food or one that has ‘garam taseer’. This too means that it can be dangerous for the developing fetus.

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3.    Papaya

When it comes to papaya, it is believed that raw or semi-ripe is what can cause harm. Unripe papaya is rich in latex and can result in uterine contractions. Consequently that could lead to a miscarriage or even a preterm birth. Many doctors agree with this theory which is why it is prescribed to women who need to be induced. Many women in distant villages use papaya to bring on labor or get rid of unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, unripe or semi-ripe papayas are a NO for pregnancy nutrition!

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If you are a papaya lover by any chance, you can consume the very ripe one in moderate amounts. Best to avoid it though.

4.    Peach

Peaches are said to have ‘garam taseer’ and create hotness inside the body. Again you won’t find any doctor who says the same thing, but your grandmothers will definitely warn you against consuming this fruit during your pregnancy. One more reason given for not eating this fruit during pregnancy is its tangy flavor, which could easily lead to throat infection or cough. Better be safe than sorry!

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5.    Litchi (Lychee)

Believed to be rich in sugars, litchi is said to lead to gestational diabetes among pregnant women. This is the reason why you will hear from the old women in your family not to let a pregnant lady consume this delicious fruit. If you have an intense craving for it, eat no more than 2-3 litchis in a week!

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