11 Foods that Belong in the Bedroom and Not the Kitchen!

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The weather outside is amazing.

You are both home because you called in sick.

Not-so accidental eye contact with your partner assures you that things are about to get heated!

You reach out for each other only to discover…

You’re not in the right ‘mood’

Does the situation sound familiar?

If it does, then no Marvin Gaye song is going to get the job done. What you need is your own handy list of foods that will make both your motors go vroom vroom. The idea of using certain foods for overcoming loss of libido isn’t a new one. However, we don’t intend to suggest foods that just do that. The names you see below will improve your performance and health!

We bet that your head is now filling with ideas of nasty-tasting roots and penile-looking gourds. There is never a need to resort to that. In fact, for your success between the sheets, we have deliberately chosen foods that are readily available in most places.

Shall we take a look-see then?

1.     Beetroot

loss of libido 1Open your bedroom to the brightness that only beetroot can bring! Full of nitric oxide, beets will help you get your mojo back on. Nitric oxide causes dilation of blood vessels, which in turn, helps increase the blood flowing through them. The result is a boost to your sexual performance and endurance!

2.     Spinach

loss of libido 2If you remember watching Popeye chomping down on this leafy vegetable, you may also remember how he chased after Olive Oyl. Spinach deals you a low blow, which in this case is a positive thing! By increasing blood flow in the south, spinach ensures a good time for both of you! Increased arousal and pleasurable canoodling will be on the menu along with spinach.

3.     Meat

loss of libido 3A big juicy steak can do a lot more for you than cause you constipation! Varying the quality of meats in your diet can be good for some couple downtime. Each type of meat has different nutrients to offer. Chief among them being carnitine and L-arginine – the two amino acids found in chicken and beef. They can allow blood to flow unimpeded to certain important areas in both men and women while also treat erectile dysfunction in men. Have a steak or two together because animal-based protein will ensure all systems are a go in the bedroom!

4.     Black Raspberries

loss of libido 4A few hours before you get busy, pop 10-12 of these fruits and both of you will have a good time! Whether you consume the berries themselves or just the seeds, it will get you in the mood. Raspberries are rich in phytochemicals – a fancy name for chemicals found in plants – that will improve libido and heighten sexual endurance. Say goodbye to bedroom boredom!

5.     Almonds

loss of libido 5Don’t know what to get the wife on Valentine’s Day? How about some almond-scented candles? A whiff and things will be on like donkey kong! Essential fatty acids are the raw materials that the male body uses to produce sex hormones. So, while she enjoys the almond scent, you might want to amp up your performance by chewing on some almonds. Raw almonds, whole or crushed and sprinkled on a salad, are both good ideas!

6.     Avocado

loss of libido 6Guac tastes amazing but what can an avocado do for you and the missus? Make your sex life happening is what this baby can do! It contains all the nutrients necessary to get your hearts – and other things – pumping, including potassium, monounsaturated fats, and vitamin B6. Cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction share the same roots, i.e. arterial damage. So, start adding some avocado slices to your salads from now on!

7.     Watermelon

loss of libido 7Some men may depend on synthetic drugs – rhymes with Niagara – to win the race in the bedroom. Smarter ones simply go out and buy themselves watermelon! Experts say that it mimics the effect of the ever-popular drug minus the side effects. By dilating the blood vessels, Citrulline the amino acid found in watermelons increases your sex drive.  Even if it doesn’t work that way for you, enjoying a sorbet made with this cool refreshing fruit with your better half might get the juices flowing anyway!

8.     Peppers

loss of libido 8Literally spice up your sex life with peppers! The compound that gives peppers its bite is called Capsaicin. It does a lot more than make our eyes water though! By increasing our heart rate, it gets blood pumped faster. It also plays a role in the release of endorphins for happier times!

9.     Strawberries

loss of libido 9This luscious fruit puts one in mind of whipped cream, dark chocolate, and other naughty things. What makes strawberries so sexy are the antioxidants it contains. They are good for ye olde blood pumper and arteries. Methylxanthines found in this fruit can help with the libido while vitamin C can raise the sperm count. For a fruit this small, it sure has its uses in the bedroom. So, are you ready to dip some strawberries in cream?

10.   Dark Chocolate

loss of libido 10The divine food, dark chocolate, is full of antioxidants. It doesn’t just make you fat; it also makes you excited! It contains a substance called phenylethylamine that stimulates our sense of excitement. The darker the chocolate you both get your hands on, the higher its theobromine content. Take it from us; you need chocolate in your life!

11.    Cinnamon

loss of libido 11Cinnamon isn’t just good for teas and desserts. Its naturally aphrodisiac nature will literally bring the heat on! However, getting you two hot and bothered isn’t the only thing it does. It also makes your appetite sparkle. Don’t get what that has to do with bedroom acrobatics? Imagine enjoying a bowl of strawberries with cream and just a dash of powdered cinnamon sprinkled on it. Now you’re getting there!

With these foods doing the work for you, you will enjoy the nutrients they have to offer and boost your sexual libido. It might be time to go shopping. They are healthy, natural, and extremely good for you when in taken in moderation. So visit the checkout counter and then get down and dirty with your partner in grime!

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