Hopped Up On Sugar? Here’s How Your Body Is Reacting to It!

Here are all the reasons why you need to cut sugar out of your life!

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Do you know that there is such a thing called sugar addiction? Don’t believe us? Just try leaving sugar completely for three whole days. Trust us when we say, you won’t be able to go even three short days without absolutely no sugar in your life. Not even in your cup of morning chai.

White sugar and its substitutes are the bane of this era’s existence. They are a leading cause of most diseases including obesity, diabetes, kidney, liver problems, and heart issues. There are absolutely no benefits to consuming sugar as it contains zero health nutrients and plenty of empty calories.

Hopped Up On Sugar?

Still not convinced? Here are some ways sugar is slowly leading you towards health problems and an unhealthy lifestyle.


These days, depression seems to be a prevailing problem among youth and adults alike. One of its contributing factors is unhealthy splurge of sugar. Studies reveal that adults and adolescents are more likely to develop mood swings and depression when they use sugar in their daily diet.

Tooth Decay

Kids as young as 2-3 are facing tooth decay, all because of the excessive amount of sweet and junk food they are consuming! The bacteria loves sugar and eats your teeth as well.

Hopped Up On Sugar? 1

Skin Problems

Got too many pimples and early wrinkles? Blame the sugar intake, among others. It is causing your skin to bloat and shrivel up. Sugar can cause the skin to age rapidly.

Liver Diseases

Yes, those excessive sugar molecules in your blood are causing your liver to work overtime and this is constantly damaging the poor organ. What’s more, gradually you will become resistant to insulin and end up developing diabetes.


Do you drink your tea with no more than half a teaspoon of sugar? What about those cookies you had along? Or the fries your friend treated you to? Or even those frozen fried items you decided to have as a snack? All these things are loaded with sugar additives causing your weight to spiral out of control! Marked as the epidemic of the 21st century, one of the leading causes of obesity is excessive sugar intake.

Hopped Up On Sugar? 3
Source: scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org

The worst part is, avoiding sugar is almost impossible if you want to live in a normal society and eat what everyone else does. What you can do though is reduce the amount of sugar you consume every day. The more wary you become of this white substance, the more you will be able to save yourself from multitude of diseases simply waiting to attack your precious health.

Tell us in the comments below how you plan to drop the sugar act!

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