Health Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Juices

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Vegetables are a rich source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help regulate the metabolism and protect the body against various diseases. But the best thing about juicing is that you can absorb the goodness of the vegetables in the raw form. There are numerous health benefits of vegetable juices. Checkout a few with us.

Health Benefits of Vegetable Juices

1. Vegetable juices are perhaps the richest natural supply of alkalinity and hydration. They are also abundant in various minerals that get absorbed quickly.

2. Green vegetable juices are one of the most preferred natural detox drinks. They also actively help with the renewal of dead cells, thus helping the skin rejuvenate and reduce the pores.

3. Vegetable juices also supply the body with a ‘Fresh Life Force’, since vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, drawing directly from the sun’s energy.

4. Another significant benefit of vegetable juices is the fact that due to their high absorption, they allow the digestive system to take a little ‘break’ from constant digestion. This is particularly important in the morning, since the ingestion function is put into action as soon as we consume breakfast. In the morning, our body needs to detox, so the ‘break’ that vegetable juices provide is quite desirable for healthy bodily functions.

5. These juices stimulate bowel movements and have substantial colon-cleansing abilities.

6. Non-pasteurized, natural vegetable juices act as a healing mechanism, building up the body’s immune system. They can accelerate the healing process. These juices have live enzymes that boost the digestion function which bottles juices do not possess.

7. Juicing leads to an improved level of alkalinity in the body, facilitating weight loss. Since fresh juices take little digestion efforts and simply dissolve into the blood stream, they are not stored as fat anywhere in the body.

8. Vegetable juices are a natural remedy for many skin ailments, including eczema, oiliness, sunburns, pimples and dry skin.

9. They also help with healthy hair growth.

10. Veggie juices are a path of a healthy lifestyle, leading to overall improved bodily functions including skin rejuvenation and weight loss.

Despite all these amazing benefits, don’t let any one or more reason to be why you pursue fresh juicing. Drink veggie juices for their richness in taste and energy.

A Word of Caution

Even though vegetable juices are rich in minerals and have numerous benefits, they might have adverse effects on people with different health conditions. People with kidney stones or other kidney issues should avoid vegetable juices that are high in oxalic acid, such as red beets, spinach etc.

Some vegetable juices may not be such a wise idea for pregnant and nursing mothers. Lastly, green juices may not be a smart idea for people who are just starting out juicing, as mentioned previously. So, make sure not to overdo your juicing and consult a nutritionist or doctor before trying out any of these recipes if you have specific health conditions.

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