Diet for Epilepsy in Children

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Diet control in epilepsy is extremely crucial. There are certain diets that are used as an epilepsy treatment and play a pivotal role in minimizing the signs of epilepsy in children, but only as recommended by a doctor. Never make drastic changes to your kid’s diet without consulting you Doctor. You probably wouldn’t know that how the diet for epilepsy may interact with the medication and what affects it may have on epilepsy in children.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder which causes a person to have repeated seizures and convulsions over time. But having a regular well balanced diet can help increase energy levels and boost immune system which may help reduce the risk of epilepsy symptoms in children.

Ketogenic Diet for Children with Epileptic Seizure

One potential treatment option for children with epilepsy is the Ketogenic Diet. Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate and controlled protein diet, where fat is the primary fuel and ingredient.

Since ketogenic diet is followed under supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist, the food has to be measured carefully, so that an appropriate amount of food is consumed by the patient. It actually has to be weighed and then consumed, because even a slightest retreat from the diet may deplete it’s effects. Some of the food ideas of keto-diet can be:


One of the most essential and effective ingredients of the keto-diet can be Avocado. Avocados are fatty and fibrous and can give you a solid start towards a successful treatment. Besides that, apple, carrots, red pepper, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are other decent picks to fill in the sweet part, because of their high fiber and low carbohydrate content.


Cheddar cheese is more of a protein punch in ketogenic diet for epilepsy in children. Eat as much beef, steak, eggs and shrimp as you want. Serve the cheese with versatility. Whether sliced, shredded, cubed or melted, cheese is a delight of some of the popular recipes. Other favorable sources of protein are lean meat and chicken.


Being a potential ingredient of ketogenic-diet, cream, with a pinch of cocoa powder and few drops of vanilla flavoring makes a perfect steamed espresso and hence another snacking idea epilepsy diet. Keep the cream like 10-40 grams, depending on what else is in the meal. Add some low-carb salad of spinach and lettuce tossed with some red pepper and finely diced tomatoes with a touch of olive oil dressing to your high protein and high fat meal. Eat healthy fats.

Although the ketogenic diet is quite tough and difficult, requires initial hospitalization and close supervision at least for three months (the time period may vary), but it is very important to stick to the diet as prescribed, because going off the diet may lose it’s good effects.


Epilepsy is characterized by episodes of disturbed brain activity that causes changes in behavior and activities. Therefore, following the right diet plan may help children with poorly controlled seizures.

Many parents don’t know that managing a proper and recommended diet can also be one of the treatments for epilepsy and seizure control in children. There is no guarantee that nutritional methods will eliminate the need for medication. However, in many cases medication can be minimized and even eliminated provided the patient stays on a healthy eating regimen and a proper supplementation program.

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