10,000 people helped: #HTVHydrate campaign comes to an end


Health Television, in collaboration with Dr. Ziauddin Hopsital, ran a successful five-day hydrate campaign called “Pyaas Bhujao” that aimed at providing clean, drinking water to different slum areas of Karachi.

This campaign was able to hydrate more than 10,000 people, who were provided with clean drinking water, ORS and free medical check-ups.

The campaign initiated after Karachi was hit by one of the deadliest heat-waves the city has ever seen, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 2000 people. This increase in heat has largely been because of uncontrolled global warming effects. Global warming has been at the center of Pakistani media attention both scientifically and politically, as it is affecting regions more drastically than imagined. Karachi has been sweltering in heat, with the temperatures going as high as 42 degree Celsius.

In the face of all this, to provide the people of Karachi with some respite, HTV Stands for (Health Taste and Vitality) initiative to run this campaign has been deemed efficient as well as necessary. No other media house or hospital has taken an initiative like this, which goes to show how effective the channel and the partner hospital are when it comes to public health and corporate social responsibility.

The five-day campaign was a success, as the aim was to help as many people as possible and this was what fueled the initiative further.

We cannot really change the weather or help the victims but we can provide cold, clean water to all those who cannot afford it and are, in turn, plunged into despair. The main focus of the campaign was on traffic policemen, street children, beggars, hawkers and the likes. Our main sponsors were Culligan, Dr Ziauddin Hospital, Hiba Life, Searle and IBL.

The people who volunteered in this campaign were motivated to help the people of Karachi – and this was evident in the way they were ever-ready to visit different areas and help the destitute. The campaign ended on July 2.

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