HTV Hydrate Pyaas Bhujao Campaign Running Successfully


For the past 2 weeks global warming has been the center of attention both scientifically and politically. Due to global warming many parts of the world is experiencing an extremely hot environment for really long durations where the temperature is rising above 42 degree Celsius. These heat wave conditions have been the reason for many casualties in Karachi resulting from heatstroke, which is fatal and causes death. The little showers that fell failed to cool down the temperature of Karachi and the temperatures still sizzle even at night. We cannot really change the weather, but we can help the victims and provide cold water to all the people suffering because water is their main requirement. Therefore, HTV has initiated and has been running an HTV Stands for – Health Taste and Vitality Hydrate Campaign “Pyaas Bhujao” (Quench your Thirst). Volunteers and doctors have been travelling around Karachi to provide water and ORS to the people working on the streets who pose a great risk to heatstroke under the intense sun and also providing free checkups to the individuals.

HTV’s main focus has been to the traffic policemen, children selling goods at signals and laborers. The death toll has climbed past 1200 where 65,000 patients have been treated in hospitals where about 2,000 are still being treated.

HTV has hydrated nearly 300 people in collaboration with Dr. Ziauddin Hospital at Railway Colony near Phattak, nearly 1000 people at Cantt Station, Korangi & Landhi and 1000 people at Gulbai Road, Tower & Keemari.

Individuals have volunteered during the campaign with high spirits and proved that even the heat cannot beat Karachi’s spirit.

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