Free Thalassemia Test Facilities To Be Offered In Government Hospital New Karachi


Under the guidelines issued by the Minister of Health, Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, the thalassemia test will be available for free at Sindh Government Hospital New Karachi. This decision was fueled by an alarming increase in the number of reported thalassemia cases. According to Dr. Zafar Ejaz, I.D.O Health Karachi, thalassemia is an inherited blood disease that has been on the rise due to illiteracy and lack of awareness. A strong tradition of marrying within the family, especially in Sindh, has resulted in a rise in the number of children suffering from this genetic disease. Reports claim that there are currently up to 9000000 Pakistanis who carry the thalassemia gene. To ensure that thalassemia major is not transferred to more members of the population, Dr. Ejaz stressed on the importance of getting thalassemia tests prior to marriage. The only way that this medical condition can be controlled is to prevent individuals with thalassemia from getting married and passing on thalassemia major to their children.

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