Dengue Virus claiming lives


The first confirmed outbreak of dengue fever in Pakistan was in 1994, but a sudden rise in cases and the annual  trend first occurred in Karachi in November 2005.

Since 2010, Pakistan has been experiencing an epidemic of dengue virus fever that has caused 16 580 confirmed cases and 257 deaths in Lahore and nearly 5000 cases and 60 deaths reported from the rest of the country. The three provinces facing the outbreak are Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh.

What is causing the continuous rise of the disease is still a question which needs urgent attention. President KMC Mr Zulfiqar Shah said that due to negligence of the Municipal Karachi Malaria Dengue and other infectious diseases are spreading across the province. He also said that the staff of the department of  Municipal Public Health under the Malaria Control Program formed by the Municipal Karachi is sometimes given to the Health department or sometimes the staff is given to the Municipal Services Department. The confusion has also deteriorated the performance of the department.

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