14 pictures that show Pakistanis bleed green


If there is one thing Pakistanis know how to do, it’s celebrating their independence. And what better way to experience it than to check out how August 14 is celebrated throughout the country?

So here are 14 instances when Pakistanis showed that they too bleed green!

pakistan 1

Caption: Pakistanis waves their national flags during a ceremony to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day on the Pakistan-India border at Wagah.

pakistan 2

Caption: Men are silhouetted as they work to illuminate the Balochistan Assembly building in celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day in Quetta. Photo: Reuters

pakistan 3

Caption: Attendees wave Pakistan’s national flag while singing national songs at a ceremony to celebrate the country’s 67th Independence Day at the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi. Photo: Reuters

pakistan 4

Caption: Pakistanis sing songs and wave national flags during a flag rising ceremony to mark the country’s 67th Independence Day in Islamabad. Photo: Reuters

pakistan 5

Caption: A child holds a Pakistan national flag bought from a roadside stall before Pakistan’s Independence Day in Rawalpindi. Photo: Reuters

pakistan 5

Caption: Pakistani students sing national anthem during a ceremony to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day in northwest Pakistan’s Peshawar.

pakistan 6

Caption: A cadet from the Pakistan Naval force takes a photo of understudies performing national melodies amid a service to commend the nation’s Autonomy Day. Photo: Reuters

pkaistan 7

Caption: A boy selecting national flag sunglasses in connection with the upcoming Independence Day. Photo: Reuters

pakistan 8

Caption: Pakistani girls paint Pakistani flags on their faces, as part of the Independence Day celebrations.

pakistan 9

Caption: Pakistani women hold a Pakistani flag to mark Independence Day in Peshawar.

pakistan 10

Caption: A Pakistani cyclist rides past a stall displaying national flags for sale ahead of the country’s Independence Day in Rawalpindi.

pakistan 11

Caption: A Pakistani family walks through a corridor decorated with lighting, on Independence Day.

pakistan 12

Caption: A Pakistani boy inflates green and white balloons, the colors of Pakistan’s national flag. Photo: AFP

pakistan 14

Caption: Students in Karachi celebrate Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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