Pakistan Day: Celebrations All the Way!


March 23 holds its significance for Pakistan in two respects. In 1940, it was the date when the All-India Muslim League, in Manto Park, Lahore, moved its resolution, which demanded the creation of a separate ‘state’ for the Muslims of the, then India. It is celebrated as the Resolution Day.

Later in 1956, on the same date, Pakistan’s second constituent assembly approved the country’s first constitution, which declared Pakistan, from the dominion of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – a democracy with a parliamentary government system. This, therefore, was also celebrated as a Republic Day – and eventually is now observed as the Pakistan Resolution Day, or just the Pakistan Day.

Preparation to celebrate Pakistan Day in full swing

To commemorate Pakistan Day, the armed forces along with other major pillars of the state, give their utmost – A customary ‘Armed Forces Pakistan Day Parade’ is held on 23 March, each year in the capital, Islamabad.

Preparations for this year’s celebration of the Pakistan day are in full swing. As part of the preparations of the ‘Armed Forces Pakistan Day Parade’, the armed forces hold full dress rehearsal at the Parade Venue in Islamabad.

Strict safety measures are being taken in the twin cities to avoid any unwanted incident. Mr. Sajid Kiani SSP Operations, while chairing a meeting with all Zonal SPs, SDPOs and SHOs, directed the police officials to stringent the security of the capital for the eve of March 23. Rangers and police have already enhanced their patrolling at important points in the capital territory.

According to the press release by the Civil Aviation Authority, the Benazir Bhutto International Airport’s runway would remain closed on 23rd March 2016 from 08:00 am till 11:00 am.

In order to facilitate commuters in the capital, special traffic arrangements have been made; all airlines have also been informed beforehand.

Social Media Speaks

A sense of excitement can be felt on the social media regarding the ‘Armed Forces Pakistan Day Parade’ on 23rd March.

  • “F-16 fighter jets airborne in the skies of Islamabad for 23rd March 2016 parade to commemorate Pakistan Day.” (TWEET)

Civilians have been showing reservations on the level of rigidness towards general audience on the celebrations of the Pakistan Day.

  • “I’d have happier if 23rd March #Pakistan day parade was open for general public. Each Pakistani deserves to be a part of this celebration.” (TWEET)


  • Uughh! I wanna be there at 23rd March to be a part of Pakistan day parade! LLL (TWEET)

Some organizations and individuals have planned to carry out their own parades and events throughout the country.

  • “We will do our own parade” (TWEET)


  • “Organising a splendid event for 23rd March and shall be celebrating Pakistan Day with full fervor & festivities.” (TWEET)

Many are planning to glue to their TV sets, to view the ‘Armed Forces Pakistan Day Parade’ and virtual events relating to it.

  • “Looking forward to Pakistan day parade on 23rd March  #PakDayParade” (TWEET)


  • “Shehzad Roy To Release Zindabad Song Video On Pakistan Day 23rd March” (TWEET)

Other reasons to celebrate


  • Private institutes in Lahore with the help of the City District Government Lahore have started a wall painting campaign, initially from the Gulberg area, adopting the theme of 23rd


  • On March 23rd, Rahat Fateh Ali would present his songs at the UN General Assembly hall, at the concert, ‘Sufi Night: Music of Peace’ under the theme of global peace.


  • The Peshawar Mor Interchange, highlighted as the largest Interchange of Asia is finally to be opened on 23rd March after several countless deadlines. The inauguration is set to be done by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Meanwhile the president of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain, while addressing children, in a program, held as a part of Pakistan Day celebration events, encouraged the children to follow the path of the founders of Pakistan.

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