14 Things You Can Do Differently This Independence Day


Every year, on August 14, the country is decorated in green and white with flags installed at every corner.

While this makes Pakistan look pretty and festive, it doesn’t do much for the people. So, how about this year, we pledge to do things differently.

Here are 14 things you can do than just decorate your house in green and white.

  1. Plant A Tree

The country’s green cover is lower than what it’s supposed to be. This has led to disastrous climatic changes, for instance the heavy rainfall experienced in Karachi this year.

So, to help increase the green cover in Pakistan, let’s plant a tree on August 14. If you, yourself are physically unable to do it, then you can donate at this page and let them plant a tree on your behalf.

  1. Feed Someone

Unfortunately, Pakistan has a significant number of homeless people or people who lack the provision of basic rights.

We know that some of us can’t do much to help make their lives better but the least we can do is feed them one meal a day.

This Independence Day make someone happy by feeding them. No you don’t have to buy something expensive, a chicken roll and a bottled water would do.

  1. Clean your neighborhood park

The park your kids might go to play in maybe filled with trash that may act as a health risk for them. So, get together with your neighbors and clean the park with the help of its caretaker.

  1. File your taxes

Yes, you read that right. There has been much tax talk this year and it’s time you play your part too. If you don’t know how to go about this then log onto the Federal Board of Revenue’s website for a brief intro on how to file your taxes.

  1. Educate yourself about traffic rules

This may seem simple but many of us learnt how to drive without being well-versed with traffic laws in Pakistan and this lack of awareness can be witnessed on the roads, every day.

So, get that rule book out and read through right away.

  1. Follow the traffic laws

Now that you are aware of them, let’s promise to follow them not just for one day but for life.

  1. Hand out water bottles to the traffic police

Every year on the Independence Day of Pakistan the traffic situation becomes hard to control as a lot of people take to the streets to enjoy the festivities. But this means extra hours of work for our traffic police.

So, if you are out on the streets this year on 14th August, make sure to hand over water bottles to the traffic police and perhaps also thank them for their services.

  1. Don’t litter

This, we can’t stress more on. Don’t solely depend on the government authorities to clean your city. Play your part too. If you can’t go around picking up trash, the least you can do is not throw it on the streets or roads.

  1. Breakout into the national anthem in public

Want to feel the enthusiasm of the Independence Day on full-swing? Then go out and start singing the national anthem out loud and see how many people join you in return.

  1. Gift a green kurta to your house help

With all the festivities around the city, your house help may also want to join and wear green and white. So, you can make this easier for her by gifting her a green kurta.

  1. Keep water outside the house for stray animals

It’s getting hot again and the rain in Karachi has caused a lot of chaos, making it impossible for the stray animals to find a shelter.

While we may not be able to house them, let’s keep clean drinking water outside our houses for them to be able to survive the heat.

  1. Reach out to the representative of your constituency and voice your concerns

The representative of your constituency made some promises when asking for your vote and if he/she isn’t fulfilling them, it’s time you voice your concerns.

Reach out to your representative than just complain about their lack of efforts in your drawing room.

  1. Donate to an NGO of your choice

It doesn’t matter how much the donation is, because every rupee matters. So, donate to a cause that is the closest to your heart.

  1. Don’t limit these things to 14th August

Lastly, let’s promise to make sure to do better for ourselves and for our country by practicing the above mentioned things throughout the year.

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