Mother’s Day Special


When we think of our mothers as we grow older, we tend to forget all the roles they have played in our lives. We forget that they are more than just the word, ’mother.’ This Mother’s Day, let me remind you of all the things a mother becomes for her child.

1. Your Favorite Cook

There would hardly be anyone who would deny that their favorite food is ‘ammi ke hath ka khana’. Every mom is their child’s favorite cook for she cooks their favorite dishes to perfection. So, when we go far away from home, the first thing we get homesick for is the food cooked by our dear mother.

People who live abroad only find their way back home for their mother’s food. So, eventually when you go to a fine dine-in restaurant, the essence of your mother’s food never actually leaves your heart. For she, like a true woman, made her way to your heart through your tummy. Therefore, she is the everlasting favorite cook of any child in their entire lifetime.

2. Your First Teacher

Everything we learn, from our first baby step to thinking that airplanes exist within spoons, comes from our mother. Our mother is the very first teacher we ever have in life that not only teaches us the basics, but life time lessons that no one else but only she can teach. In fact, she is the first one to show you the way to the world of learning as she walks you down to your first day of school. I think we can all think of the times our mother drew something for us or made something for us, or helped us with our homework at all times and made sure we not only did it correctly but, neatly.

3. Your First Friend

From talking gibberish to just understanding our cries as babies to what we actually want as everyone else looks baffled, to how she actually just does that. Well, naturally we were a part of her. Then later on, she is the first that we develop a relationship with in terms of a secondary relationship like a friend. We tell her about what we did the entire day and she would listen to it with even more curiosity, like any friend would. You would tell her your secrets or complain about your other friend not being that great and she would remind you of your friendship with her that’d make it all better.

4. Your Home Doctor

Do you remember that word you’d go crying to her to call ‘boo-boo’? Well, she’d be the first to know how to handle it. No matter how many sick days and nights you pull off, she has always been there by your side like your own personal 24/7 doctor. Even when we grow up, she still will treat you as if you’re her patient, be it at the first sneeze of winter. Because for her, it is all about caring for you and making sure that, her child is fit and healthy at all times.

5. Your Personal Butler

This may sound slightly off, but think of the feeling of coming home and not having your mom there. Feel lost? Yeah, that’s how it always has been because she is the only one to know it all. It doesn’t matter who else disappears for hours in the house, but if mommy does, then its mayhem time. She will always know where to find your own items that you place when you just fail to find them on your own. She will make sure that everything is prompt and prim for her child so that they never feel that their mother isn’t there for them.

So, who exactly is your mom this Mother’s Day? Well, she is more than just a mother, always has been and always will be. Happy Mother’s Day!

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