How You can Make Mother’s Day Exciting for Your Mom?


Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is celebrated with all its glory around the world. Many people say that, one day is not enough to show love and appreciation to our mothers, and that, we should treat our mothers like queens every day.

Having one day, when we can show all the appreciation we have for them, shower them with presents and tell them what they mean to us, is so much more special. With Pakistan, going all out every year with its festivities for mother’s day, we see sales, special offers, restaurant deals, mother-daughter game shows, morning shows dedicated to mother’s day and so much more. With all of this comes the question, how can we make this day more special for our mothers? Given below are some ideas that’ll help you out if you are behind on your mother’s day extravaganza.

Planning a Day Out


I know most of you already have this as a backup plan in case everything fails. To plan this special day, think of something your mother loves doing. Make a list of things that you know she would enjoy, for instance, my mother loves brunches, shopping, plants and beaches. So my bucket list would revolve around these activities where I’d take her for a nice brunch to a fancy place, avail some amazing sales at the mall where she can shop, taking her to the nearest greenhouse to buy the potted flowers she had wanted for the kitchen and then eventually a small evening picnic by the beach. It’s really that simple! What this will show is, that you know your mother really well and no mother likes anything more than when she’s to feel like we’ve been listening to her and noting her interests. Take charge for once. Don’t ask your mother what she wants to do because chances are she’ll say nothing and you’ll end up going for a dinner as a family and not doing anything special.



In the age of pinterest, DIY-ing anything should be a piece of cake. Many websites can help you with brilliant ideas on how to decorate your mom’s room or throw her a surprise party, all using cheap craft items you can get your hands on at any stationary shop. You can use fresh flowers to decorate her room. Buntings, crepe paper, confetti and other hand crafted items can be used to decorate the dining room/lounge, where you can surprise her with her favorite meal that you may have prepared. There are hundreds of different ideas online, where you can take inspiration from and do something personal. Your mother will like nothing better to see you put so much effort for her.

Mother—daughter Activities


There is an array of different activities that you can do with your mom to have some quality time. Baking and cooking a meal together are some of the basics. If you want to go for a different approach, set up a pottery corner in your house, if that’s something you think your mom might enjoy. Dry flower arrangements or knitting patterns can be quite fun. Set up a place in your house for the activity with cute charts or secret messages for your mom. Get custom made aprons, prepare snacks like cookies or sandwiches with a pitcher of lemonade or iced tea. Give each other mani/pedicure or do each other’s hairs.

Spa Day


This is probably the best gift you could give your mom. Find out the best local spa which offers services like mani/pedicure, massages, and facial, and plan a day full of pampering, for your special lady. You can even plan this out with a couple of your mother’s friends’ kids and send all the friends together. Treat her like the queen she is.

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