Mother’s Day Special: The Woman in Our Lives


We always associate “her” to either the girlfriend or the wife. But, what about the first lady that is the real reason behind your existence? For me, the metaphor of “her” is my mother.

A mother is one of those living creature that goes through pain and joy at the same time. Wondering exactly when? Did you know? “A Human body can bear only up to 45 del (units) of pain.

Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 Del (units) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time.” That is when she feels the immense pain but has the joy to hear the first little cry of life she gives birth to.

Sometimes, it is weird to wonder how our mothers end up loving us like unconditionally?! Well, it is because they have been made this way, like straw is to berry, like peanut butter to jelly and so on. It’s a perfect match made by God on its own.

This wondrous being called, “mother” and her capabilities literally can bring questionable tears to how she can do so much without having the need to be an alien with 6 arms or 3 brains. From being our first teacher, to our favorite chef, to being our first friend in need, to wishing us all the best in all our deed, It would probably take more than one professional person according to the category our daily lives needs that our mom fulfills like a boss.

Sure we tell her that we lover her and that she is the best mom in the world. But, ask yourself, just for today, for the sake of today being “HER” day, could we ever do enough to the amount she does for us? No matter how hard we think, no matter how much we even try to match up to her, the answer would be an honest no.

It is because we do not simply have the unconditional affection she holds for us even though we should be grateful that she even got us into this world, but we don’t. Some even take mothers for granted on a day that is dedicated to them when she has not only dedicated her day, but all her hours and love from the moment you took your first breath of fresh air.

I can speak for myself to be not the “lovey dovey” kind of child always. But, in my heart, I am grateful of “HER” existence every single day of my life. Some of us would be in a pit sucking the life out us if it wasn’t for our mothers, you know.

People label spectacular things as the wonders of the world, with no doubt that they are pretty wow and all. However, we all have this one wonder called, “mother”, again I will speak for myself and hopefully the readers can relate, leaves me speechless to the wonders she does single handedly.

Here is something I came across on this Mother’s Day that touched me and made realize how truly blessed we all are to have mothers.

It is not what leaves me stunned about her. It is what she does for me, every day. I sometimes fight and rebel against her.

And she would still shower me with her love in every way.

Her love for me is unconditional. I, for being her shadow, only know.

They have labelled her as mother.

For me, she is my only “her”.

A very Happy Mother’s day to all.

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