Foods and Moods – 5 Foods that are Ruining Your Child’s Mood


It is true! There actually are food items that can ruin your child’s mood. Not sure what is being mentioned here? Let us inform you!

foods and moods

One of the worst things that young kids can be exposed to are artificial sweeteners. This includes junk items that contain added sugar like biscuits, chocolates, sweets and more. Artificial sweeteners are said to cause irritability and negative excitement.

It is true that you cannot completely banish these items from their diet, but what you can do is control the amount they consume.

foods and moods

Did you know that gluten present in breakfast cereals, cakes and white bread can lead to a general demeanor of negativity? Hence it could be the reason why your child is throwing tantrums and finding problems with everything that you offer. Have you been giving them cereals regularly? Cut down on this breakfast item and instead provide them with eggs, whole wheat bread, beans and nuts.

foods and moods

Fizzy drinks, pasta and white bread are food items that contain high levels of sugars as well as hormone altering chemicals. By eating these foods items, your child’s blood sugar spikes, resulting in recurrent mood swings.

foods and moods

Do you know what simple sugars do to your kids? It makes them aggressive and lead to hyper activity. Especially, if they eat sweet at night. Feeling that your child is not going to bed easily? Well, here is your reason. Simple sugars break down in the body easily and hence lead to high levels of unwanted energy.

foods and moods

Did you know that junk food is the leading cause of obesity among children and adults alike? The salts, sugars and processed additives like MSG in the food items give way to addiction and prompts the child into eating more. The worst part though is that all junk foods like burgers, pizzas, fries, chips, biscuits ensure that the child is completely put off healthy and nutritious food items. These are not the only effects of fast and junk food. Research clearly indicates that they cause constipation, depression, and damage to arteries among kids.

The Bottom Line

If you have been giving the above mentioned food items to your little ones, you need to end it today. Yes easier said than done, but wean them off slowly. Introduce them to everything homemade that is chock full of nutrition. Let them see that food cooked at home can taste as good as the one they crave from outside.

Just make sure you monitor what junk they are consuming. Do not deprive them of anything but make sure their primary intake is of healthy, home-made and nutritious foods.

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