Laughter: Laugh Your Way to Good Health!

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Laughter is a powerful medicine that you’re not taking enough of. Sharing a genuine laugh with a friend or a co-worker can be enough to brighten your day, no matter how down-and-out you feel. Laughter is a stress-reducer, immunity-booster, heart-helper, and confidence-builder. Let’s know how laughter is good for your health.

1. Laughter Can Help Relieve Stress

Laughter can effectively reduce your stress levels. Research suggests that laughter relieves stress by initiating and then shortly cooling down your stress responses. What’s more, simply anticipating a laugh can have powerful stress-relieving effects.

2. Laughing Relieves Pain

In addition to being a stress-reliever, laughter could also help with long-term pain management. Laughing can cause your body to produce natural painkiller and may also relieve pain caused by muscle disorders by interfering with the “pain-spasm” cycle.

By researches, researchers’ conclusion states that, “the more you laugh, the less pain feels”.

3. Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Studies suggest that laughter may increase the number of infection-fighting antibodies and boost immune cells. Likewise, positive thoughts and feelings — such as those released with laughter — have the potential to release neuropeptides, which help fight illness and stress.

4. It Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Laughing can improve blood flow and help reduce your blood pressure. In fact laughter improves the flow of blood through the body’s arteries, thus reducing blood pressure as well as a person’s risk of heart disease.

A study showed that, watching a funny movie improved blood pressure “for a full 24 hours” after viewing. Another study discovered that, not only do humorous programs improve widening arteries, but that watching depressing programs is actually harmful to our blood vessels.

5. Can Stimulate Your Mind

Psychologists say, “Comedy is like a mental exercise, and just as physical exercise strengthens the body, comedy pumps up the mind.” Therefore, watching a comedy movie or show really improves brain function.

6. Laughter is a Good Workout

Speaking of physical exercise, however, it’s worth noting that laughing can be an easy workout, too.

Of course, you probably shouldn’t try to substitute laughing for a solid gym workout, but it does have its benefits.

In addition to burning a few calories, laughing also works your stomach muscles by causing them to expand and contract. It also works out your shoulders and exercises the diaphragm and heart.

7. Improves Mood and Confidence

Confident people have an interesting ability, no matter how badly they mess up, they are able to laugh at themselves, handling any mistake in their walk as if it’s no big deal. Learning to laugh at yourself will help you develop an ability to improvise through any bone-headed decision you might make (thus minimizing stress, wasted time, and damage done).

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