Healthy Ways to Release Anger


Anger is an extremely misunderstood emotion. Ask someone if they get angry and they would probably deny it. This usually happens because we want to come off as nice people. However, the reality remains that anger is a natural feeling that we cannot really avoid.

When you decide to hold anger instead of releasing it in a more productive way, it can lead to several problems. For example, if you accumulate anger you might end up losing your temper in a party. Similarly, it sometimes makes you indulge in self-destructive activities, such as overeating. However, there are healthier ways to deal with this emotion that is usually considered a negative one.

Emotions are meant to be felt and not to be held in. Here are some tips to deal with anger and find relief:

Get Away From the Trigger

If someone or something has made you angry, you need to remove yourself from its presence. Walking away from the situation, drinking a glass of water, and practicing deep breaths can help you calm down. Getting some fresh air can work wonders for you. Once the power of the emotion has subsided, you can think clearly.


Express Yourself

No, we are not suggesting you go shouting about it. Instead, maintain a journal. Writing about your negative emotions can help you a lot with gaining perspective. You can express yourself without being judged or hurting anyone. Moreover, it relieves the negativity that needed an outlet.

Working It Out

Opting for vigorous exercise is a valuable and healthy way of letting off steam. Activities that increase your heart rate, such as cardio and running are especially effective in this regard. This is because such physical activity channels the adrenaline by producing endorphins. Exercising off your anger not just helps with the mood, it also allows you to maintain a healthy routine. Moreover, it takes care of the extra fats and carbs that you might consume because of the stress.cardio

Talk It Away

Another way to deal with your anger is to seek professional help such as opting for a therapist. They can help you detect the catalysts responsible for triggering your anger. It could be some unresolved emotion from the past bothering you, thus causing you to flare up. Talking about it can help you get rid of that emotional baggage from the past.

These are some healthy and effective ways to deal with your anger issues. However, if there is an individual who is deliberately bothering you, then it is high time for you to take action against them.  Similarly, if you are stuck in a particular situation that you can get out of, then you should do so instead of wasting emotional energy on it.

At the end of the day, we are humans and getting angry is natural for us. Instead of killing off the emotion, try practicing the above-mentioned tips to regulate it.

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