4 anger management tips you can use


It is perfectly normal to feel angry or annoyed when someone hurts or mistreats you. Why do we get furious and irritated? Because we’re all human, prone to a wide variety of emotions – more than you can name.

Animals get angry to though, but what makes us different from them is our way of dealing with feelings of anger. We all project our energy differently. Some of us, when we get angry, may shout, scream, and slam doors and the likes. Some of us cry and let it out, while others may just go into a silent mode and shut out from the whole world until they make peace with it.

It is important we know about the correct ways to deal with negative energy. Why? Because we don’t hear news about domestic violence, frustrated psychopaths on the loose going about shooting children, raping women, hitting sisters and wives for no reason. Many times, the most educated of families face problems as illiterate as these. And more often than not, they could be avoided with correct anger management.

Have you ever resented the way you acted after a certain episode of argument/fight with a friend or family member? Have you ever thought to yourself “Man, why didn’t I just shut up? I wouldn’t have to feel this way right now?” We all do from time to time. You make a firm promise in your heart to stay put next time a situation like that arrives and what happens? You make the exact same mistake and spend the next day drowning in self-loathe.

Anger management is not easy. It comes with practice and in the end it’s all worth it.


Do it just like that. Inhale through your nose, fillings your lungs to full capacity. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds. Now exhale fully with your mouth. When you feel the tension in your body rising, your palms sweating and your face flushing after a heated argument with your loved one, find a spot to sit and practice this. Do it until you feel the tension in your body dropping. Top it off with drinking a glass of water. Now, you may fight (Read: find room for reconciliation)


Before you confront the person you think has wronged you, exercise. You do not necessarily have to hit the gym; running around the blocks will be just as helpful. This will help soothe down your inner gush of anger and will definitely pacify your mind and body


Do not underestimate the power of writing. While talking to a close friend about an issue infuriating you is just as good of an idea (given that your friend doesn’t add to fuel to the fire), we might not be able to share all our problems. In a case as such, grab a pen and paper, or simply open a notepad application on your smartphone and go crazy. Write down exactly how you feel. If you feel wronged, address the letter to the person who has wronged you. If you feel rejected, write it down. No one’s judging you since only you know about it. When done, close it and take a few deep breaths. You will feel less angry than before.


For many, this can do wonders. When flooded with emotions, simply put on your headphones and listen to your favorite tracts. Close your eyes and imagine being in your happy place. Even better would be to move around and do a little moves while at it. Do it for a few minutes and it might just make a difference!

So the next time you come across a situation where you feel like the temperature is rising beyond measure, step back, relax and go through these steps to calm down. Just remember, nothing done in anger could lead to positive results.


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