Irritation, Anger and its Aftermaths


Irritation is a part of human psychology and attitude. According to Psychologists, the basic cause of irritation is dependent on both the non-fulfillment of intrinsic desires and extrinsic human values as well. Due to this, individual faces immense frustration in life to a prodigious extent.

It is important to mention that such irritation is very harmful for human being in any case. Yes, it is true, that the duration of irritation is dependent on the level of individual’s mood that mainly includes his/her level of feeling and emotions at that instant moment and one’s perception regarding the occurrence of the event that caused exasperation. However, some people get irritated immediately while others take a time to arrive at that point of anger. Following are some of the factors that derive this irritation.

Family Issues

This is one of the major causes of immense irritation in human behavior. Undoubtedly, family is the most indispensable element of person’s life. If the family life of any individual is off-putting due to various issues such as protracted illness of parents living in a rented house, payment of huge debts. So taking such factors into consideration, any individual can become highly ‘Irritated’ by his actions.

Financial Disruptions

Financial disruptions incites immeasurable annoyance in human behavior. As one cannot deny, that money is the strongest motivation. So, a person who has to look after his huge family really need such an impressive amount that can fulfill all his basic needs in the most appropriate manner and if not, then ultimately any person can get completely frustrated from life and its daily on-going activities.

Unethical Behavior

It is accepted that people with a higher values of morality and sophisticated well-cultured family background needs to be addressed with great restraint. Because any debauched way of behaving or interacting with them will certainly open uncountable doors for immediate exasperation for the aggrieved party.

Religious Sentiments

Human being maintains an entirely divergent attachment with their religion and religious paradigms, irrespective of what religion is. So, making any statements in this regard needs great caution, research and judgment otherwise it will take just seconds to incite wave of enragement in any individual.

Innate liking and disliking

Inborn liking and disliking of any individual have a tendency to exacerbate any person to the worst extent. Habits of any person leave both positive and negative effects on the other person. These habits are a part of nature and vary from person to person. Such as some people are acclimatized towards nail biting, some are adhere to back-biting, some are brand conscious but cannot purchase due to lower incomes whereas some openly show off their purchased branded items to the ones who cannot purchase etc.

Work Life Pressure

This is another important cause of enormous irritation and resentment. It mainly indicates that when the work life of any individual becomes extremely hysterical due to work load, extra shifts and overtime then in such a case human behavior immediately changes in the wink of an eye any faces massive frustration and annoyance on account of it.

In view of the above mentioned factors, it is believed that irritation and frustration plays an important role in making human life miserable in all aspects and the elements of irritation are innate in every human.

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