5 Strange Phobias: Meditation can Help!

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Do you have fear of flying that you would avoid travelling no matter how important the travel is to you? Do you fear spiders or any insects, or avoid certain medical treatments just because you are terrified of injections and needles? You must have phobias then, and meditation is one of the effective ways to help the affected individual retain his stability. Phobia is an intense and extreme fear of something. It does not pose any danger in real but it may have an immense and adverse effect on the person’s brain that can be handled with meditation.

Meditation is like a mantra to release your stress, fear and restlessness. It brings inner peace to the phobic. There are different types of phobias and each phobia has its symptoms and reasons. Connect your mind and soul with meditation and alleviate your phobias and fears.

People suffering from phobias feel:

  • Restlessness
  • Feel out of control
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Fear and worried

1. Anuptaphobia- Fear of Staying Single

This is relatively a new phobia. You might not have heard about it, but some people probably have experienced it. It is a constant fear of staying single or alone all life. People living with this phobia believe that they will always be single and never get a partner. Despite the assurance from their partner, they still cannot overcome this phobia easily. Child abuse, parents’ denial and lack of social activities for your kids are some of the factors that can lead a child to develop this phobia which clings along till they grow up to be an adult.

2. Vestiphobia- Fear of Clothing

This one is an interesting yet a strange phobia. How come anyone has a fear of clothes? Weird! People who experience Vestiphobia have this irrational fear of being clothed. For most of us, wearing clothes makes us feel comfortable and keeps us warm. But some people just enjoy being naked. Jokes apart, well this can be a matter of concern. This phobia can be scary to some people. They may think that clothes are something that can choke or smother them and so they prefer wearing lose and baggy clothes.

3. Gamophobia- Fear of Marriage

This seems to be one of the most common phobias. Isn’t it? The fear of getting married. This happens when people are not ready or not likely to make an intimate attachment to another person, perceiving it dangerous because it marks the separation from your parents. Sometimes the reasons are different. Gamophobia occurs in people who have not built the fundamental trust in their parents hence remain unable to trust the person they make an intimate acquaintance with. In such situation, partners are usually successful in making an intimate relationship but avoid situations where they find a marriage possibility.

4. Cacophobia- Fear of Ugliness

Whether it is a face or a situation, Cacophobia arises from the combination of persistent external traumatic events. Person with this phobia might think that they are ugly or was born with a scar or an ugly and prominent birthmark. For a person with this phobia, ugliness might also mean difficulty in finding a partner, putting an extra effort in achieving goals or an abuse in school which can make an ugly impact mental health since an early age, all this contributes to the fear of ugliness.

5. Panophobia- Fear of Everything

Panophobia can be pretty dangerous. People who suffer from more than one phobia may actually be Panophobic. Panophobia is a fear of everything and is an overwhelming kind of anxiety. Sometimes this phobia is described as one might think it is fear of continuous evil. They might think that whatever bad happens to them, there is something evil behind it.

However, meditation can help eliminate phobias and minimize their possible symptoms. It uplifts you spiritually while improving your health, awareness and clarity of mind. Feel the mental calmness, peacefulness and eternal bliss with meditation and ponder on things you fail to achieve due to your fears.

Share with us if you have any phobias.

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