5 Cool Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

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The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Being stressed out at work will only ruin your work life. Excessive stress can impact your emotional and physical health and also your productivity at work. Stress certainly has impact on your work quality and the quality of your relationship with your colleagues. So, the better you reduce stress, the more you’ll positively affect the people around you.

How to Reduce Stress at Work

Eliminate stress and the harmful effects it brings to your work life with these simple tactics and lessen your work related stress.

1. Take a Note

Okay, so this is the first step towards to reduce stress at work. Take a note of everything that causes you to feel stressed and frustrated at work. Whether it’s work load, impending deadlines, annoying co-workers, not-so-good relationship with your boss or anything that stresses you at work, jot down everything on a note pad. Make a list of things that stress you and go through it at the end of the day. Gaze at the list that you have created throughout the day. This is how it’ll get easier for you to know what is causing you stress. Then sort things out accordingly.

2. Is It Just Work? Look Out As well

It is not necessary that if you feel stressed out at work it is something at work that stresses you out. It might be something else, something outside work that keeps bugging you. Chew on your personal life. We sometimes jumble personal life with professional life that complicates things. Make sure you are not carrying any of your stressors from home to work such as house handling, relationship, child care and even your health. Check if any of these issues are not seeping into your work life.

3. Have a Word with Your Boss

If your stress is work related, talk to your boss. Schedule a meeting with your boss and have a word with him. Discuss how your work load can be rearranged, what can be done to add or lessen responsibilities and how you can feel more peaceful at work. Just try speaking up your concerns to your boss, it might be of great help. Don’t think that nothing can work. Sometimes things just work out through simplest routes.

4. Look for Ways to Balance Your Work Life

There is a lot of stress that dribble into our professional life from our personal life. Look for ways to maintain a balance between your personal life and work. Create a flexible schedule to juggle work and home or any other activities and things in life that need your focus and attention.

5. Identify the Stressors and Alter Your Schedule

Once you have identified your stressors, try to alter your schedule. Look for ideas you need to have to reduce stress at work. If you think talking to your boss about your work will work, do it. If you have that one annoying colleague who you want to avoid, place a sign outside your cubical or office door that says ‘Do Not Disturb’. Other favors you can do to yourself is to put your cell phone to silent mode so that you can solely concentrate on your work.

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Take proactive actions to reduce stress at work and get control over it. Analyze your situation, acknowledge the areas and things that cause havoc in your work life and have a healthy and happier professional life that makes you fall in love with your work.

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