Is Male PMS A Real Thing?


As per all the women, PMS can be extremely annoying. The mood swings, bloating, achy body parts, and much more, are enough to make a lady sit in the corner, cry all day and do nothing. We all have heard the phrase that she might be PMSing, but have you ever heard that he is PMSing? Odd right! Are you wondering that men PMS too?

Turns out that answer is no. Men don’t go through PMS, however, they go through IMS. Anyone who has ever lived with a man can tell that they go through real mood swings. Men don’t go through the same phase as women do, they don’t ovulate, they don’t have periods, but they sure face rough few days once a month.

Male PMS is clinically known as (IMS) Irritable Male Syndrome or Andropause. This is the phase for middle-aged men where they go through hormonal physical and mental change. You must be wondering why does IMS happens? The major causes of this are low levels of testosterone, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Common Symptoms for IMS

  • Gets irritated easily, anger and depression
  • Rapid hair loss and increase body weight
  • Difficulty in concentrating and sleeping
  • Reduced energy and sex drive

In the society we live in, men showing any sort of emotions is considered a stigma. We degrade them for having mood swings, being sensitive, etc. Rather than neglecting their feeling, we should talk to them and find out the root cause for their moodiness. If it helps, offer your guy his favorite tub of ice cream.



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