7 Health Mistakes that can be Harmful to Men in the Future

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In our society, men are considered the chief breadwinners. They are portrayed as the stronger sex to the point that it becomes compulsory for them to act real tough. This means that they need to take great care of themselves. Somehow, in their attempts to live up to that image, they end up making health mistakes that can be extremely harmful to them in the future. If you think you are a man who might be making such mistakes, then read on.

1.      Ditching the Doctor

When it comes to avoid going to the doctor, all men are geniuses. So what if you have put on a few kilos in a short span of time, a little exercise will take care of it. Pain and aches? Mard ko dard nahin huta! While it all sounds really cool and macho, a few years down the lane you will see your health deteriorate very fast. Therefore, the advice is: do not wait, and schedule that appointment now!

2.      Assuming that Heart Attacks are For the Seniors Only

Despite knowing that the dreadful disease runs in the family, a majority of men believe that this is something specific to old age only. This, however, is not the case and heart problems can attack men even in their thirties. It is better to be careful! People who have a history of cardiac problems in the family should get their metabolic profiles. This is significant for men who have reached 50 and women in their 60’s.

3.      Saying no to Sunscreen

Many men think it an insult to wear any product on their skin. Ye tu aurten lagati hain. What you fail to realize is that exposing skin to the harmful sun rays is a leading cause of skin cancer. We recommend that you wear a strong SPF-30 product when going outside.

4.      Depression? What Depression?

A lot of men think that emotional distress that leads to depression affects only women. For them, it is aurtun ke dramay. This thinking makes it harder for men to admit that they are feeling blue or could have depression. As a result, instead of seeing a doctor, they might turn to other harmful activities, such as smoking and drugs to escape the mood swings.

7 Health Mistakes that can be Harmful to Men in the Future

5.      Excessive Urination

‘Who keeps a track of it?’ Is how most men tend to think. However, it can be an indication of overactive bladder, diabetes (which is showing up in early age nowadays), some form of cancer, and even indicate an enlarged prostate. They need to investigate the matter if this happens.

6.      Avoiding the Dentist

In addition to avoiding the doctors in general, men run away from dentists too. Whatever the reason behind this reluctance might be, not getting your teeth checked once in a while can overlook a lot of disease symptoms. These symptoms can manifest in dangerous diseases in later years. Invest in a good dentist for a more comfortable old age.

7.      Relying On Meat Too Much

This is a known fact that a lot of men prefer meat over fruits and vegetable. In our society, it is common to serve meat to men. The little amount of vegetables that are added in the form of Palak Chicken, tinday gosht, karely gosht, and other such dishes often go unnoticed by men. While meat is a great source of protein and provides energy, a lot of it can have negative effects on the heart and general health. It wouldn’t hurt to indulge in some healthy snacks once in a while!

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Doctor’s note:

Men can have diabetes heart diseases, hypertension, thyroid issues and even osteoporosis in old age. So beware and get annual checkups.

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