Why You’re Not Losing Weight?


Dieting without losing weight is a common problem, even you might be facing. Most probably, some easy to fall prey to diet mistakes are catching up on you. The truth is that even while you are on a diet, you may still be eating many more calories than you need to, or are aware of. You may not realize how quickly calories add up. Eating while cooking, finishing off the kids plate at dinner, or even starting your day with a caffeinated drink are a few habits that trip up even the most diligent dieter. Yet, don’t lose hope yet, as fast as these calories add up, they can also be subtracted. Here are the top five reasons why you’re not losing weight, and how to counter act them

1. Mindless Eating

One very common mistake is that you are not keeping track of what you are eating. Mindfulness is imperative to trying to lose weight. Studies prove that keeping track of your diet plan helps with weight loss. People who make use of food diaries, or consistently take pictures of their food, lose more weight that people who don’t.

2. Not Enough Protein

Another reason why you are not losing weight is that you’re not eating enough protein. It is the single most important nutrient for losing weight. Consuming protein as 25-30% of your total calorie intake can boost your metabolism by up to a 100 calories per day, and due to the fact that proteins make you feel fuller, make you automatically eat several hundred calories fewer in the day. Eating more protein can also dramatically reduce desires for snacking and craving. Eating more of it also helps prevent a slowdown of your metabolism, which is a common by product of weight loss. It helps avoid regaining lost weight as well.

3. Are You Eating Healthy?

Another reason why you’re not losing weight could be because you are not eating whole foods. The quality of food is just as important as its quantity. Eating healthy can regulate your appetite and improve your health. They are also much more filling compared to processed food. Sticking to whole, single ingredient foods can only be advantageous to your health, and your diet, though maybe not to your budget!

4. Sugary Drinks

Another reason you’re not be losing weight is because you’re still having a veritable ton of sugar in your beverages. Sugary drinks are the most fattening items in your food supply and the biggest threat to your diet. We don’t compensate for the calories in them by eating less as they are not as filling as food. This is true for sugary fizzy drinks, but also applies to healthier alternatives like vitamin water. Juice counts as well. A single glass could contain several pieces of fruit which you would not have eaten individually.

5. Not Getting enough Zzz’s

Another reason could be that you are not sleeping well. A good night’s sleep is imperative for your physical and mental health, as well as for your weight and your diet. Several studies have proven that poor sleep is the biggest causer of obesity

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