10 Easy Tips to Get in Shape for Winter Weddings


Tis’ the season to dance, eat great food and get totally posed ‘candid’ pictures taken by photographers, because it’s Shaadi Season! Find out some great easy winter wedding tips to help you lose weight for all of the 10 million weddings you will be invited to this winter wedding season, so that you can slay those lehenga cholis like a boss.

If you have not yet been invited to a wedding this winters, you are; 1-living under a rock 2-moved to Mars, or 3-are a ghost. There cannot be a better season to get married in than the winters. All the halls are booked, dance practices on a roll, tailors being harassed and Facebook timelines full of wedding pictures. Winters weddings are the most ideal especially considering how unbearably hot it gets in the summers, in this country. Unfortunately for those of us who are not blessed with a naturally toned body, the sight of our pudgy fat rolls poking through those tiny cholis can be quite depressing.

I mean, everyone has heard of a summer bod, but now we have to have a fully bomb winter bod too? How does one hide all the pistas, chilgozas and kajus that have made residence in the fat surrounding our body? How are we expected to go to all these winter weddings, stuff our faces with a wide variety of food laid out for us and still look like ‘Katrina Kaif’ dancing to ‘Kala Chashma’?

Winter Wedding Tips

Although I am all about body positivity and loving all types of curves and edges, I do believe a little exercise and healthy diet are good for the body as well as the soul. Be it your own wedding or someone else’s, follow these easy winter wedding tips to get yourself in shape this winter and slay all season, every season.

1. Hydrate

Hydrate- winter wedding tips

Surprise surprise, its water again! It is no shocker that it’s extremely important to keep yourself hydrated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Especially in the winters, we don’t sweat a lot and hence get less thirsty and decrease the amount of water we consume. Drinking ample water is not only good for the skin and dryness we all suffer from during the winters, it is also great at keeping us feeling ‘full’. This fullness prevents us from eating unnecessarily and increases the body’s metabolism, keeping us active when all we want to do is lay in bed with our socks on.

2. Early Bird can Get Things Done

Early Bird can Get Things Done- winter wedding tips

If you plan to follow a workout routine for this wedding season, make sure you do it first thing in the morning. We all know that delaying it to later hours of the day means that it never gets done amidst the meetings, work, chores and other things.

3. Say no to Sugar

Say no to Sugar- winter wedding tips

Let’s not kid ourselves by saying that losing a couple of pounds over a few weeks is going to be easy. And you’re doing yourself no favors by consuming copious amounts of sugar filled treats every day. Not to mention they are extremely unhealthy. That means no chocolates, no halwas, no fizzy drinks and don’t even think about lingering near the desert cart. Everything comes at a price and the price for this high but totally worth it.

4. Use a Buddy System

Convince a friend or family member to go on this journey with you. It is always easier when you have someone to motivate and push you to the finish line. This way you won’t feel too bad about doing it all alone.

5. Go Green and Lean

Go Green and Lean- winter wedding tips

Cut out unnecessary carbs and oils from your diet. Eat proteins, fruits and vegetables as much as you can.

6. Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead- winter wedding tips

If you prepare your low fat, low carb meals before hand, the chances of you straying away from your diet are less. Ration a week’s worth of meals and prepare and refrigerate them before hand so that you have easy access.

7. Nothing Like Home

Nothing Like Home- winter wedding tips

If you aren’t feeling motivated enough to splurge on a gym membership or exercise classes, you can always workout at home. Just find some easy workout routine that you can manage, on the internet and get on it.

8. Focus on Your Problem Areas

Focus on Your Problem Areas- winter wedding tips

Overall fitness is very important, but for an emergency crash workout, it is important to know what your problem areas are. So, for example you’re wearing sleeveless, do exercises to tone your arms. If you want to flaunt a flat tummy in that lehenga, do exercises that strengthen your core with some cardio.

9. Get of Your Butt

This one is especially for all the brides out there. Since these are your last days at home, your family members are probably treating you like princess and doing everything for you. As a bride you do need rest, but let’s not forget that running little errands yourself will keep you moving and help you remain active.

10. Wear Your Confidence

Finally, do not let a little bulge or roll let you from enjoying, what is in my opinion, the most festive season of the year. If you feel great about yourself, you’ll look great too. So, wear your confidence like your best accessory.

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