Tips to Stay Fresh before Your Wedding


Your wedding day will definitely be one of the biggest and memorable days of your life. But amid those wedding preparations, don’t forget to take care of yourself if you want all those eyes on you when you walk down the aisle looking absolutely flawless. To help you achieve an amazing bridal look and look picture perfect and gorgeous on your big day, we have enlisted the best wedding tips hat’ll keep you fresh before your wedding.

Take it Slow and Steady

As the common maxim goes ‘haste makes waste’. This applies to every aspect of wedding preparation. Whether it’s event planning, dieting or workout routines, you need to make sure that your plans and goals are regular, attainable and sustainable. Otherwise, you’re in for a lot of unnecessary stress.

Go on a Healthy Diet

It’s understandable to want to lose weight for your Big Day. Unfortunately, the majority of wedding diets (crash diets especially) can actually slow down your metabolism, exhaust you, and damage your health–all of which will detract from your wedding day freshness. Moreover, crash dieting and meal skipping can lead to immediate weight gain after marriage (one more thing you should probably try to avoid). Therefore, as mentioned in the first tip, plan your diet months in advance. One sure-fire way to maintain freshness is to completely eliminate processed foods from your diet and to consume large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. As your wedding day approaches you should consider taking vitamin supplements and avoid oil and refined sugar as it can cause negative energy levels.

Workout to Work It Out!

Besides helping you stay in shape, exercise is excellent at boosting your mood and energy levels–keeping you toned, de-stressed, fit and mentally alert. Exercise enhances circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow. It also fortifies your immune system, preventing you from getting sick as your wedding date approaches.

It’s important to note, however, that the lasting and long term benefits of exercise are most pronounced when you exercise regularly, over a long period of time. If you put off exercising until just two months before your wedding, you’ll only end up more stressed and tired and will have very little to show for your efforts.

Get Sufficient Sleep

The excitement and stress associated with weddings may make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night. Sleep is important for everyone, but wanting to stay fresh before your wedding is an excellent excuse for you to be able to catch some extra Zzz’s. Like exercise, sleeping fortifies your immune system, reduces stress and enhances brain function and emotional well-being. Recent research suggests that sleep-deficiency may even be linked to increased weight gain. Though, it’s easy for your sleep schedule to be disrupted by late-night pre-wedding celebrations, bear in mind, that daytime naps do little to help you recover lost nighttime sleep. Maintaining a regular sleep-wake cycle is imperative.


Stress takes its toll on both your appearance and mental health. In the short term, it can cause acne (due to stress-induced hormone imbalance), weakened immune system, under-eye bags, and thinning hair. Sleep and exercise are two excellent ways to reduce stress. You should also try to take time out for meditation, enjoyment, relaxation and talking to loved ones (important things that are easy to neglect, the more you get caught up in wedding preparations).

Stay Hydrated

There are countless Benefits of Drinking Water, many of which can contribute to your wedding day freshness. Water keeps your skin fresh and radiant, ensuring that nutrients are delivered to skin cells and making them hydrated and plump. Water also keeps you refreshed and mentally alert, helps you lose weight, boosts your metabolism and flushes out toxins from your body. In the days leading up to your wedding, you should try drinking at least six 8 ounce glasses of water a day.

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