10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone on a Diet

Show your dieters some TLC!


Is your best friend trying to get rid of the extra pounds? Wife struggling with post-partum weight and trying to go on a diet? Brother struggling to get those abs like Hrithik Roshan? Well then, the least you can do is support and encourage them. This is definitely not the time to laugh or judge them. The last thing you want to do is make a joke of their efforts.

Most times we fail to see just what an effort it is to get rid of the weight that has been around for quite some time. Just because you are on your perfect weight or are not bothered with your current indicators on weighing machine, does not mean others shouldn’t be

Here are 10 things you should never ever say to someone who is trying to go on a diet!

1. Huh, You Have Already Done This!

Uhh, so? They aren’t asking you to diet with them, are they? Let them try again, and help them out with words of love and encouragement where you can.

2. Why do you even Want to Lose Weight?

Their life, their choice! Live and let live!

3. It’s only One Heavy Meal

You Shouldn’t Say to Someone on a Diet1

Stop right there! This one meal could make the difference in their efforts to remain on track of their healthy eating routine. Don’t force them to eat junk with you.

4. A Few Pounds Here and There Don’t Matter!

Yes they do, even if you don’t think so. For all you know, these few pounds can be the ascending stairs to their high self-esteem!

5. It’s In Your Genes!

You Shouldn’t Say to Someone on a Diet2

It may be, but by telling them this, you are making them hopeless. What’s more, you are only encouraging them to live and welcome the diseases that come with extra fats!

6. You know You can’t Stay Consistent

And you can tell how this time? You don’t know, so let them try, please! It’s their choice and if you can’t support or help, don’t generate any negativity.

7. You Look Cute with Your Chubbiness

This is not a compliment, it is tormenting for people who are trying to diet. They need your support and understanding, not false statements like these!

8. Your Diet doesn’t Work, Have You Tried the Other One?

You Shouldn’t Say to Someone on a Diet3

Another huge NO-NO. By constantly telling someone they need to change their diet is reinforcing the idea that they are not good at what they are trying to do and are bound to fail.

9. If you do This You’ll Become Anorexic

This is one of the most ignorant things you can ever say. Just because you don’t have your facts straight does not mean a person trying to shed some pounds will become anorexic with dieting. Read up on anorexia first!

10. All You Need is Will Power

That’s not always the case! So please stop telling people who are struggling with their diets to ‘use their will power’. If you are naturally thin, you simply don’t know what it’s like to not give in to temptations of your favorite foods!

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