The winter starter-pack we all need for our skin


I think, keeping the current weather state in mind, it is safe to quote one of the most famous lines from Games of Thrones, “winter is coming.”

For some, it is already here, while for others, they await for lower and cooler temperatures to arrive. I think it’s like a special human nature thing to how we react to change of seasons, every time, and every year. When it is summer, we simply cannot wait for winter to come and vice versa. However, the people of Pakistan, after going through a roasting summer this year, would love to have a prolonged winter.

For me, winter has always been special somehow. I guess it’s when everything around you is cold yet, you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. There are so many things people look forward to during winters. For instance, sweaters and coats, the cozy warm blankets, the hot cups of coffee, the silent but breezy nights, and my personal favorite, bonfires – all these make up the perfect winter for most people.

Winter comes with a unique aura, and with a much-needed share of essentials. It’s peculiar as to how you can feel a seasonal change even before you see it physically. Like you know its winter, when your hair goes static or you lips start to feel chapped, your face starts to dry up, and your body follows suit. But winter has its own bits of symptoms as well.

As much I enjoy winter, there are some parts that can get a bit nerve wrecking, especially if you are a girl. Like waking up and trying to just somehow tame your hair from looking like an alien, or trying to not make your face look as if it has cracks.

Thus, I came with a winter essentials pack. These are just the basic items that will help you get round the corner of being dry this season and help you stock your way to a beautiful winter.


Our skins become extra dry, even if you are an oily tone, and so we need to make sure to have a heavy dose of hydration. Gel like lotions seem useful during summers because you tend to sweat, but in winter, our skins seeks something more glyceryl such as oils. Oils have the tendency to dissolve within the skin and nourish it to become refreshing and smooth-looking.

Get yourself an oil based serum instead of the one you normally use. It is smarter to apply during bedtime, because the skin will easily absorb the oil more while you sleep. If you still feel the need to go a bit extra, then you can always add a couple of drops to your normal moisturize for a higher knock on hydration.


I think after lotion, this hits the top charts for winter. Whether you choose to have it plain or a bit of color, lip balms are important to avoid letting your rips be torn down by the hard winds of winter. It is best to go for formulas that feel more buttery.

Keep a look out for ingredients such as, Shea butter (in lotions too), coconut oils, jojoba oil and, my favorite, bee’s wax. This may not be so easily available but anything that keeps your lips moisturized and soft is a good option.


Because this season is so dry, our hands are the first to lose their hydration. Try using creams, which are thick and give you the feel that you have put on something on your hands. Like lip balms, look for the same ingredients.

Winter is meant to be enjoyed while feasting over roasted peanuts and hot coffee mugs, surrounded by friends at a bonfire or cuddled under blankets. Don’t let these skin issues lessen winter’s charm on you.

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