Most Influential Pakistani Women Ready To Help You Be A Miracle

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Pond’s understands that the journey of a woman is not any different from a superhero. She is born with unmatched superpowers. She brings a life into the world, and raises a fragile, dependent being into a strong and sturdy individual. These are just some of the miracles she keeps doing without even realizing what her real worth and capabilities are.

In Pakistan, there are so many superwomen who have realized their real strength. These women followed their passion, chose a difficult path, and kept moving as long as they achieved their purpose.

The brand also knows that there is no stronger power than a woman who is determined to reach greater heights. By providing a platform like Pond’s Miracle Journey, Pond’s is determined to celebrate the glory and success of such unbendable souls.

And This Time The Plan Is Bigger, Better

Pond’s Miracle journey

On its 5th anniversary, PMJ decided to give back to the community by opening up opportunities for young women to come close to 330 powerhouse women of the country. These are the women who have realized that they are the real miracle.

This Women’s Day, through Pond’s Miracle Journey, they will share their stories with us.

Let’s meet 11 of these celebrated women here:

1.      Samina Peerzada

A true Pakistani diva and ace actress, Samina Peerzada is part of Pond’s Miracle Journey for quite some time now. She is playing her role in inspiring young women to achieve their impossible dreams.

2.      Aamina Sheikh

One of the best actresses of this generation, Aamina Sheikh has not only made her mark in Pakistan but also earned international recognition for her acting skills. Through her work, she is trying to bring a positive change in the society.

3.      Sanam Saeed

An amazing actress, Sanam Saeed has mentored many strong characters in her career so far and the lady seems unstoppable. She has also championed social causes, particularly associated with women.

4.      Vaneeza Ahmed

Vaneeza is one of the most popular Pakistani models ever. With her great talent and captivating looks, she ruled the fashion industry for two decades. She will help the new generation build a strong personality and become a game changer in the future.

5.      Nadia Hussain

Model and entrepreneur, Nadia Hussain is a true example of finding balance in family and work. She managed to raise 4 adorable kids with her demanding career. She has been very vocal about women’s rights and is associated with several NGOs.

6.      Shai Qazi

A chef with a mesmerizing smile, Shai Qazi has become a house-hold name. Her recipes are not only different but also very simple. She has gained international fame by working with some of the top restaurants.

7.      Zarnak Sidhwa

Celebrity chef, Zarnak Sidhwa proved that working in the kitchen is a talent itself. She teaches women how to bring a dash of intrigue and personality to the dining table. She is truly an inspiration for many aspiring girls.

8.      Misbah Khalid

Misbah Khalid has been a flag-bearer of women empowerment for decades. Creator of various women-centric dramas, she is a successful name in the Pakistani TV industry. She has a lot to share with the young ladies.

9.      Momina Duraid

CEO of Momina Duraid Productions, and senior producer and creative head of HUM TV, gave us dramas like Humsafar, Dastan and Udaari. Momina is an inspiring business woman who managed a challenging career along with her married life. The mentees will surely learn to find balance in their lives.

10.  Maheen Kardar

Owner of a globally recognized fashion brand “Karma”, Maheen Kardar is a designer who has proved herself in a very short time. Her brand remains strong and edgy with their over-the-top runway shows.

11.  Shamayel

Shamayel is an important and influential figure in the fashion industry. Working for about 24 years in the business, Shamayel Ansari is truly a living legend and a great fashion designer.  However, her journey was not easy but she leaves no stone unturned to achieve her goals.

Pond’s Miracle Journey is all set to leverage the strength of all these miracle women to enable the change makers of tomorrow!

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