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Every now and then there comes a time when you feel completely uninspired and drained out. This is when travelling can really do wonders, especially if you’re someone who hardly steps out of your comfort zone. Taking slow steps may be the right approach for you so why not start with places in Pakistan – besides, it can serve two meaningful purposes; first, you are strengthening tourism in Pakistan and second, you are taking a break from the daily routine and exploring the beauty of your own country.

Naltar Valley (Gilgit-Baltistan)


A trip to northern areas is incomplete without visiting this beyond beautiful place. Known for its spell-binding lakes and mountain peaks, this place leaves you with a sense of awe like no other. Imagine yourself surrounded by snow-capped, larger than life mountains and glistening lakes with a steaming hot cup of chai in your hands, sounds heavenly right? If you find yourself reminiscing about this place and would love to take a break from the monotonous life behind the desk, this maybe your chance to getaway.

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Hunza Valley (Gilgit-Baltistan)

We’ve all heard about how breathtaking Autumn is in Hunza? Situated in the extreme north of Pakistan bordering Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan and Xinjiang of China, this place has it all to leave you awe-struck. Karimabad is the main city of the northern valley where you can find many things to do from historical sites to trekking and mouth-watering food. Altit and Baltit Forts are two main attractions that store the historical remains of Hunza’s cultural past.


Dip your feet in fresh water running in nearby lakes such as Attabad that is a sight to behold in itself. Or give your taste buds a treat by indulging in the famous Hunza walnut cake (made from freshly sourced walnuts) by Café de Hunza which is tucked in the center of Karimabad capturing the picturesque views of Hunza’s snow-capped mountains. We’re already in heaven!!

Shandur Top, Chitral

Situated in Chitral region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is a little piece of heaven they say and known as one of the most note-worthy polo grounds in Pakistan. Every July, the Shandur Polo Festival takes place where a huge number of sightseers and locals flock every year to enjoy the sport as well as the breathtaking scenery. Seasonally, spring is the ideal time (February, March onwards) to visit this picturesque place. So if the image of you standing in front of all the beauty described above is making you wanderlust hard, then it’s time to pack your bags!

Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir  

Banjosa Lake Source: Pinterest

Another scenic destination for travellers, Rawalakot is a small town in Azad Kashmir known for its lush green scenery and mounting snow-capped mountains. One of the main tourist attractions is mountaineering and the highest peak is Tolipeer situated in Tehsil Rawalakot in the Poonch district of Azad Kashmir. The best time to visit this place is March, April and May. Banjosa lake is an artificial lake located in the same vicinity and one of the most visited tourist attractions. So as a tourist, this place has a lot to offer from hiking to good food and boating – the perfect mix for a mini vacation with family and friends.

Kalash Valley, Chitral

Home to the Kalash tribe (the last Pagans in Pakistan), this valley is bound to leave you mesmerized due to its unique and beautiful culture and of course spell-binding scenery. There’s been a lot of research on the Kalash tribe and according to certain theories, “In the 3rd century BC, on his mission and journeys through the Hindu Kush range, Alexander the Great and his troops left their footprints and descendants to what is today called the Kalash Valley, home to an ethnic community in Pakistan who are blue-eyed and have fair skin.” as explained in an article at


If you really want to delve into the culture of Kalash, visit the scenic place at the end of May when the yearly Chilam Joshi Festival takes place. The festival is 4 days long which happens across the 3 valleys where people come together and celebrate their culture. This makes it such a unique and intriguing place to visit.

source: himalaya

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