Natural Remedies to Treat Sunburn


Sunburn is the worst thing about mid-year, and the best thing to do is counteract it with natural remedies at home. To abstain from peeling and dispose of the redness and stinging, here are some tips and home solutions for sunburn that are quick and effective.

1. Potato Paste

Potato Paste to Treat Sunburn

Potatoes have been known as an agony reliever consistently, working especially well on minor skin aggravations and calming scratches, nibbles, and blazes, and also potentially diminishing irritation. A few people feel that the juice of the potato works the best, while others feel just cuts are adequate. Attempt both, and see which one is the best solution to treat sunburn.

You will require:

  • 2 potatoes
  • A grater, blender, or blade
  • Cotton balls, cotton cushions, facial tissue, or bandage


  1. Wash and scour your potatoes altogether, and after that grind them or cut them.
  2. There is no compelling reason to expel the peels. In case you’re utilizing a blender, give them a spin until they’ve turned out to be entirely fluid.
  3. In case they appear to be excessively dry, you can add a little amount of water.
  4. Spill out the blend, soak cotton balls completely in it, and apply to the sunburn.
  5. In case you’re utilizing a grater, mash the potatoes and apply the paste.
  6. You can also just cut the potatoes, and put the slices on the affected area.

2. Use Plain Yogurt

Use Plain Yogurt to Treat Sunburn

Yogurt is rich in probiotics and proteins that are useful for our skin. When you get yourself sunburned, it can help you recover quicker. Ensure it is plain yogurt, not the flavored one.

You will require:

  • ½ bowl of plain yogurt


  1. A half measure of plain yogurt would be adequate to treat sunburn on face.
  2. Wash your hands and apply cool yogurt to the affected area and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  3. Wash it off with cool water later.

3. Cold Milk

Cold Milk to Treat Sunburn

Cold milk for sunburn is one of the snappiest, least complex and minimal effort ways to treat sunburns. The underlying coolness of the milk will facilitate the warmth, while it additionally makes a layer of protein to ensure your skin, help it mend, and further alleviate inconvenience.

You will require:

  • Gauze or a spotless, delicate, washcloth
  • Chilled milk


  1. Pour milk in a dish.
  2. Soak the washcloth completely.
  3. Wrap it over the affected area.
  4. Press it a bit so that it sets up properly on to the area.
  5. In the event that the milk in the dish gets to be room temperature, chill it before re-soaking the cloth. 

4. Cool It with Cucumber

Cool It with Cucumber to Treat Sunburn

You can apply it in two or three ways, yet anyway you do it, the swelling, redness, and agony ought to decrease soon. Find Ways to Use Cucumber

You will require:

  • 1 or 2 crisp cucumbers, chilled
  • A blender or a blade


  1. Cut up a chilled cucumber and put the slices on your affected skin.
  2. Flip the slices when the one side warms up.
  3. For a more drawn out enduring impact, chill 1 or 2 cucumbers and grind them to make a paste.
  4. Don’t hesitate to add some aloe Vera gel for more cooling effect.
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