How to Make Your Parties at Home Extra Special

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If you’re a born hostess always up for entertaining the plethora of guests inherited by every single Pakistani ever, then you know the struggle of trying to be different  every time. Being the eldest one at my house, I’ve always had to take on the role of hostess in my mom’s stead. And I absolutely love it. Maybe it comes from being brought up in a close knot family where even our second and third cousins are as close to us as our first. But entertaining, having dawats, movie nights and birthday parties has always been a part of my fondest memories. It also helps that apps like Instagram and Pinterest have given us access to such amazing inspiration photos, unique ideas and party tips.

As the new generation is now coming into their own, it also makes sense for our party aesthetic to evolve with them. Everybody wants to make their party more memorable and there are a few simple party tips in which you can make any basic party look like a live size Pinterest board.

1. Try To Add As Much Nature As You Can

Adding flowers, shrubbery and wreaths to your dinner table and as a part of your décor can make any scene look very cozy and intimate. Its adds a little bit of a personal touch that can make guests feel more welcome. It also makes your space smell really good, which is always a plus.

2. Use Unconventional Ways to Decorate

Adding some decoration pieces and candle stands are all well and good but if you want to give your party that extra oomph, then you’ve got to think outside the box. Using tea cups and tea pots to display your flowers, using wooden crates as a statement piece on your table and decorating it with fairy lights, putting lemons in a jug to add some color and using that as a center piece, these are just a few cheap and easy ways to add a little interest to your table.

3. Pick a Theme

And no, I do not mean a child’s theme party. Your theme could be anything from the weather for example summer or spring, to a color scheme, or any specific type of décor including rustic, whimsical or formal. By limiting yourself to a theme you can now narrow your menu to fit it and you will get a distinct idea of what you may want the party to look like. By giving yourself this limitation you can stop getting too overwhelmed or confused. You can just as easily Google themes similar to your own and get the perfect menu and décor inspiration. Cutting planning time by half and putting everything in better focus.

4. Add Some Personalized Touches

These can be things as simple as place cards with people’s names on them in a pretty font, to little party favors. You can even arrange for people to take food leftovers in a creative and thoughtful way and trust me, they will cherish it.

5. ‘Make-Your-Own’ Stations

Having personally tried this myself, I would say it’s a stroke of a genius. It cuts preparation and cooking time and gives people a really fun activity to do whilst eating. It’s especially great for kid parties, albeit a little messy. The idea behind this is to have foods that can be served deconstructed on a separate bar and letting people personalize it for themselves. Some options can be pancakes or waffles with lots of fruits, cream, honey, butter and nuts as toppings, or burrito wraps with different types of fillings, vegetables and toppings as options. Similarly, an omelets station, ice-cream counter or a chaat station are great options as well.

6. Lighting Is Very Important

It can add ambiance and mood to your parties. Using fairy lights, candles, floating candles, t-lights in colored glass holders, all these can really take your setup up a notch.

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