Going for a Hair Transplant? Here’s What You Need to Know

A permanent solution for your hair problems!


Are you among those unfortunate ones who have always lacked in the ‘hair’ department? Is your hairline seeing a decline? Then this article is just for you! Do not be embarrassed as it most definitely is not your fault! Hairlessness among men and increasingly women is a problem of the hormones or simply the gene. Most commonly occurring hair loss issue alopecia, is a condition where hair disappears in patches. For some, this could mean the emergence of an ‘M’ at the front of their forehead.

For most people losing hair is the sign of personality or confidence loss. What’s more, it can cause depression, particularly among young men and women.

If you are tired of being thought of as a lot older than you actually are, no ‘totka’ works for you, and you want to stop hoping for the hair to come back, it is time to think about hair transplant.

Hair transplant has become more common than you might think. It is a relatively easy process where hair is embedded on the area where you may have lost it for good. Still not sure if this is the thing for you? Here is all the information you need about hair transplant. If you are wondering how long does a hair transplant last, it’s pretty much permanent as long as the surgeon identifies an appropriate donor area.

What Really is Hair Transplant?

Going for a Hair Transplant?
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Believed to be ‘the miracle’ for people who lose hair early in their life, it is also known as hair implantation. The process involves putting new hair follicles onto balding areas or places where hair seems to be thinning.

→ The follicles are obtained from other parts of the body, where hair is healthier. In most cases, this is from the back of the head.

Hair transplant is an actual surgical procedure where either the dead follicles or a single layer of the skin is removed from the head, and the new follicles are then transplanted on the required area.

→ The number of grafts are created depending on how much hair has fallen off.
→ Generally, 1000-3000 grafts are put on the thinning hair surface.

The process is painful and long, and it can be expensive depending on the doctor you decide to see. The better and more professional your doctor, the more money you will end up paying them for your transplant.

Going for a Hair Transplant?3

Does it Work?

The million dollar question is, does the procedure work or is it simply a way of robbing you of your hard earned money? Answer is, YES it works and works pretty well.

Majority of the people who have had transplants from legitimate places have obtained positive results. Just keep in mind that you will need to get everything done that your doctor recommends. If they say you need to have 3000 hair drafts, then 3000 hair drafts is exactly what you need.

We suggest you talk to people who have had successful hair transplants and then take the plunge. Yes it will make a dent in your savings account, but having those lustrous locks back is definitely going to be worth every penny!

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